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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Enduring one moment more.......

Where does that drive to fight for one moment more in the face of adversity come from? What is that internal mechanism that keeps one going when one's lungs are burning, when every muscle is screaming for rest, when sweat is pouring off one's exhausted body? Why does one repeatedly test oneself, against the forces of nature, in an apparent effort to find something hidden internally? What is this dance of agony, pain and discovery really all about?

People often times talk of courage, character, fortitude, and perseverance as if you can swing into Costco and buy a basket full. Are these traits not earned by enduring some sort of saga? Do we not have to prove to ourselves that we are worthy of such traits? Why do some people appear to thrive and excel in such hostile environments? I have come to believe that the answers to many of these questions lays in one's childhood. Deciphering one's encrypted past can become the biggest challenge one faces in life. For me, the journey has been very rewarding as I have begun to realize that many of the beliefs I harbored about myself were based on faulty perceptions developed as a child. My childhood fears have proved to be no match for the rigorous self determination developed through repeatedly testing myself in the wild outdoors. I have started to redefine who I am and who I can be.


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