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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Downcast with Wolves

Wolves and sheep, sinners and saints, the ugly and the good; what odd dance partners! Who among us can really, and I mean really, tell the difference; I can't! I think that is why God spoke of the heart of men.

The term downcast comes from the old profession of sheep herding. Contrary to popular belief, meadows have very uneven ground. Sometimes when sheep lay down they would roll into a depression and become stuck. No matter how hard the animal would want to get up it could not. The only way for the sheep to get out of this serious predicament was for the Shepard to lend a hand. If there was no Shepard around the sheep was destined to become wolf bait. This picture of downcast sheep has been used over and over again by different Protestant Churches. The messages usually follows the lines of how church goers need to help the downcast sheep. I honestly think that the Church forgets that the downcast sheep did not plan on becoming downcast and just because it is downcast does not mean that it is choosing to remain downcast. So why do these good people walk up to these downcast sheep and scold them, reject them, accuse them, ridicule them and so on? I have seen sheep chewing on other sheep. I have seen this kind of behavior over and over again.

I have several "ugly" friends, they're honest about life. In fact, when I need help with various projects, the "ugly" people come and help. The "good" people say they will, but then never show up. This confuses the hell out of me. I grew up with the "good" people, but I live with the "ugly" people. In fact, if I were a sheep, it would be safer for me to be downcast with the wolves.


Anonymous said...

This is powerful language and so very true. The ugly people are overlooked. While everyone is looking at the good folks and saying how nice they look... the ugly ones do all the work.

Talking Bear said...

Anonymous, Have you read my "through many dangers" post. You may like that one as well. Thank you for the comment.....

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