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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I deserve a Leer jet!

Why wife and I spend time debating about big ticket items! She is very quick to point out that I want things, big things, because of my childhood. A childhood where gifts were of the used kind. I disagree with her. I told her it is because I deserve them. Once again she was quick to point out that my "I deserve them" comment was arrogant. But is it really? I think it is a matter of realizing that we are special and worthy of any big ticket item that we can responsibly afford. This is where my wife and I split paths, evidently! I am worthy! After all I was fearfully and wonderfully made, wasn't I? So a Leer jet is not to far fetched, at least I don't think so. For those of you who don't know me, which is about 99.9% of you, I have an odd life story.

I am kinda like that guy in the Scot trade commercials. As a child I would ask for something special for a birthday or a Christmas gift like all kids do. However my dad was, I think, unique. For example, I would ask for a bike. My dad found a copious amount of thrown away bike parts and piled then in the garage. On my birthday he gave me the pile. Now my wife thinks my dad was awful for this gift. But as I look back, he gave me much more than a bike. He gave me the gift of seeing the possibilities that imagination can bring to fruition. I made the bike of my dreams. And in the process I learned how to fix any problem that could arise from "bikehood."

Fast forward to just married. We received the usual hand me downs from the family and started our little nest. As we were building our material world in America an opportunity arose; world travel. Now I love risky adventures, but to do this adventure we would have to sell just about everything we owned to afford such an adventure. Remember my dad's lesson about dream building. So we sold it all, and off we went. Ten countries in all. When we came back to America we were beyond poor. I do not think there is a scale of poverty that reflected where we stood. So we lived in a tee-pee until we could get back on our feet. From homeless to here. We do well in this off the chart economy of Los Angeles. In fact we are excelling here. So why do I tell you this story?

If I had believed that I was not worthy nor deserving of something better we would still be in that tee-pee with no running water and no electricity. I realize that hot water and a flushing toilet may seem very different than a Leer jet, but is it really? How many of you deserve hot water? All of you of course. In fact I would argue that all of you deserve a Leer jet. But, we place such a low value on our self's that we become convinced that we are only worthy of the dregs of life. Now I am not buying into the millionaire faith thing. What I am saying is that you have much more value than you allow your self to experience! God wants us to be good stewards of what he blesses us with. I am pretty sure He is not dealing out blessings to losers. In fact I don't think God sees any of us as losers. Yep, I am pretty sure I deserve a Leer jet!

Now, am I going to go out and buy one, maybe not yet. Because I can't afford the up-keep yet. It would be irresponsible of me to do such a thing. And no, I do not think that if I have that money/faith thing jumping off God is going to cover the jet fuel bill. It is like a moment I shared with my daughter. She wanted some toy. I forget the type of toy, but I knew she was not ready for such a thing. And like all kids she became disappointed. When I told her "sweety you deserve it and I want you to have it, but I feel that your not ready for such a thing", My own comment came right back at me. Just because I feel that I may deserve something does not mean I am ready for it.

What I am saying is that our self-beliefs, our self-image is constantly destroying our potential. If I place little value on my self than I will achieve little value for anyone. Something perceived cheap is treated cheap. I am not cheap and neither are you, we were bought and paid for by blood, His blood! So why then do we act cheap? I think there are many reason or answers to this question. But I do know that we all deserve a Leer jet, what do you think?

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Barrett, M said...

I guess I deserve one, based on your excellent argument above. But whether I keep what I deserve is another story. The flip side of this coin is that God really owns everything down to my shoe laces... in the purest Biblical sense we would only be stewards of the lear jet. Which is just fine with me!

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