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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I think I have lost my mind!

I am confused. When I was a young man I was going to college to become a youth pastor. We (the "warrior" crowd) dreamed of doing great works for God. We were going to go out and save the lost. We were going to take a stand for what we believed in. We were sold out for this mission.

Pay attention, this is where it gets crazy. The mission was to go out into a battle field where the lost was and save them. This was radical thinking to many back then. To go out into the big bad world. I mean, that is where the fight is, no? I do not go to the hardware store to buy baked beans. Call me crazy to think that I would need to go out into the world to help folks. I guess the mind set was to make your church so cool that the world would want to come to you. But what about the downcast sheep thing. What about the ones who want help but just cant get up. I guess we should just leave them, no? Anyway, any good warrior that is worth their weight will go to the fight! So Out into the world I went. Now there was no one in my life teaching me how to keep the world out of me. So, inevitably I developed some "rough edges." Rough edges that have helped me tremendously in my mission of helping the world. But, the folks at base camp (church) just can't get past my rough edges, even though I am one of them. So let me get this straight. It is better for me to stay at base camp, never get dirty, never touch the untouchable and I will be accepted here at base camp. But we were not meant to stay in camp, we were made to go out into the field where the harvest is, no?

So, now I feel locked out of base camp, or, maybe they are locked in, I am not sure. This is what confuses me. Why do people act as if they are saints already? Why do people react with such disdain? If your scared to go out into the world they you should be thankful that there are people out there doing your job and not afraid to get dirty doing it. I would eat dinner with a hundred sinners and enjoy it more than one dinner with a self perceived saint. You ask what would Jesus do? He DID the same thing! He modeled the strategy that I am talking about. He went out and met the downcast sheep. And guess what, the established church hated him for it. In fact they killed him over it. Something to think about!

1 Comment:

fatnlazy said...

My pastor tells us that we all need to have a few rough edges, to scrape some of the paint off others. To do this one must get close enough to that person and be allowed to rub up against them.

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