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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Love, the greatest weapon known to mankind

While I was in the Marine Corps, I was assigned to the weapons platoon. I loved it. I was trained in the effective use of many types of weapons. I loved to see things blown up. Today I love to watch the Military Channel and see all the new and wazoo weapons that warriors get to play with. Every weapon I have touched, fired, or watched being used are great at one thing; destroying life. We spend billions of dollars on developing ways to destroy life.

I now realize that the best weapon that mankind could ever posses is one that can restore life. A weapon that can heal the agonizing pains of abuses and rejections. A weapon that can re-establish trust, honesty, and passion for life. What is amazing is that mankind has had this kind of weapon since the beginning of time; it is called love. Many of us see this word as a form of weakness. I am a lover not a fighter! Love makes us weak in the knees and so on. Weakness I tell you, love is weak, don't you think so?

I believe love is the greatest weapon a fighter can ever use. I am not talking about your hallmark card version of love. I am talking about the kind of love that eludes most of us for most of our lives. The unconditional, caring, self sacrificing love that only someone who is of strong personal character can give. A greedy, self serving, ambitious, scared, weak, fearful person would walk by this gem and not even realize its true power or worth. Many people are so inflicted with the disease of self they have an extremely difficult time accepting such healing power when it is pointed right at them. This thing called love is truly foreign to most of us. We use the word as I did in the beginning of this post. I love this, I love that, I love my wife, I love hamburgers and so on. When it comes to love we are as a child is playing with a 105 howitzer cannon.

The Bible sheds some light on love to us. Many know the love chapter, it is used at many weddings. I want to use another passage here. I have read this story before. What brought it to light for me was when I heard Tony Campolo tell a story about one of his encounters with a student of his. Tony started off by telling the class that today they were going to study about the time Christ meet a prostitute. One of Tony's students replied that Christ never meet a prostitute. In Tony's telling he said that his first reaction was to cite the verses and blast this young kid's comment, but Tony thought for just a moment, and bam. It hit Tony that in Christ's eyes she was not a prostitute, she was a hurting young woman that needed the kind of love that I am talking about here. It was mankind that put the label on this woman, not Christ.

One day at work my duties brought me to a situation that crossed paths with a known prostitute. At this moment I was an authority figure and her actions were in question. As I spoke with this lady, and I looked at her, my heart broke. Now, do not get me wrong, I am all about accountability for ones actions. But what I saw, was a women who was spending a lot of effort looking for acceptance or love. She was so hurting that the temporary and false acceptance of a paying customer was more acceptance then she was experiencing any where else. This woman's life was void of love and it showed. She wore the hurt and pain as if it was an evening gown. To me, it was if her soul was screaming for relief through her hardened yet fragile eyes. I made one statement to her. " Why are you doing this, your so much better then this?" She began to weep and told me her horrendous story. She was once a churched women, from my own church no less, and how she became caught up in the world's madness. She was no doubt a downcast sheep who could not get back up even though she said she had tried on many occasions. A prostitute by choice?, maybe, an extremely hurt little girl that lost knowledge of the true power of love, absolutely.

This event made me think about a lot of things and a lot of people. Mankind is great at labeling each other. Labels that cause many of us to spin our wheels trying to discard. We worry about these labels. We agonize over them. We create rank structures over them. We reject each other over them. THEY MEAN NOTHING! They hold value only to those who chose not to use their weapon of love. I know many churched people who are so consumed by labels they forget they are called to love, blinded by the labels of mankind. Accept who God made them, accept who God made others to be. I have a friend that when he refers to himself lately he has been using the term "broken". Not broken as in humbled, broken as in when I drop something on the floor. This kills me to hear him say that. He is buying into a label of mankind. A label that reflects the absence of the true power of love. A label that convinces us that we have to do ,or be, something other than what we were created for. A label that cause one to fear they will not achieve their perceived rightful place in the mankind hierarchy. How do I know this, because I too have bought into this madness!

Isn't it time for us to grow up? Shouldn't we stop playing this destructive game with ourselves and with others? Can't we love each other and accept each other with out labels? I do not want to be better or worse than anyone else anymore. I want to be loved and I want to love others as Christ did! I am choosing not to be ruled by the hierarchy of mankind! Does this mean kinder-gentler? I honestly don't think so. I think it is honest and truthful. I think it will take all the strength I have to hold onto the recoil of this kind of weapon. I know this is not going to be easy but it will be the thrilling e-ticket experience I have dreamed of. The range is HOT, ready on the left, ready on the right, the firing line is ready, fire at will!


fatnlazy said...

I dissagree. I think that love is the strongest of all actions and emotions. It is to me, the most powerful word we have. Sometimes being the hardest to hear and to say or even to show.
It makes us stronger people, knowing that we are loved and cherished.

Talking Bear said...

FNL, What is it that you are disagreeing with? Is not your comment the same as the post?

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