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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Self Efficacy

What is "Self Efficacy" and why should we pursue it? I believe self efficacy is the cognitive choice to be responsible for the level of effectiveness of one's own life! "Effective in what", you may ask. Effective in all you do, in all that you are, and in all that your are a part of. When I was a young man I had a good friend who used to always say " no matter what you do in life, get sold out for it." Choose to be effective. My old youth pastor always asked us "are you a spectator or a participant?" I want to be a participant that has an effective skill level, a productive game strategy, and I want to win! Do you? Do you think God needs more spectators on the side lines cheering him on? Would He not be better served by saying " put me in coach, I am ready to play?" Would you not want to play your heart out for Him? If you answered yes, than pursuing self efficacy is for you!

Why should I settle for the mediocre lifestyle of just getting by, when there is so much more to life? Why should I be a spectator and wait for God to do something for me when I can step up and do something for God? Is it God's responsibility to motivate me? I don't think so! If I gave you the winning lotto ticket, would you just stand there or would you do something with that ticket? I do not believe someone would have to tell you what to do with a winning ticket, nor would you sit around waiting to be shown what to do. But yet we allow many to set idle, waiting for something to prompt them to do what they know they should be doing. We allow 80% to do 20%.

Self efficacy is a choice. A choice to do what we know we are supposed to, to do what we can do and do it to the best of our ability. Imagine a rock climber that never climbs a climb, or a surfer that just floats around on his board but never catches a wave, or explorer that never ventures out into the unknown. We would mock these spectating wanna-bes. But yet the pews are full of them. Milk instead of meat, mediocrity instead of magnificence, incompetency instead of efficiency is the standards by which many choose to preform by today. Underachievement is the choice for those who feel being personal responsible for their level of effectiveness is too risky. Just maybe, when the Bible speaks about the weeping and gnashing of teeth at judgement day, It is referring to God showing us his plan for our lives and us seeing what we settled for! Risk free spectator-ship instead of sold out participation!


Barrett, M said...

Damn that is powerful. The weeping and knashing of teeth being our own regret... what could be worse? That is looking back on your life after death and realizing you put all your eggs in the wrong basket.

Talking Bear said...

it is a scary thought. One that should humble us all and keep our noses to the grind stone just in case we are not achieving as much as He had planned for us.

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