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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Street Poets Prayer- Dreamyard LA

God, give us the strength
To be people whose actions match our words
To be soldiers of truth
Shedding light on the darkest corners
Of our own souls and the streets around us

Give us the courage to look fearlessly
Into the eyes of others
To meet anger & hatred with love
Ignorance with understanding
And fear with friendship

Give us the wisdom to see deeply
Into our own hearts
To be truthful in all that we do
Faithful in all that we are
And grateful for all that we receive

We come together before you today
To sharpen our skills
To deepen our voices
To strengthen our bonds to each other
And to the community we serve


More Poets and Poems @ http://www.dreamyardla.org/spu.html


Barrett, M said...

Who wrote this? Can I use it? Where do I get permission to use this? It is awesome TB!

Talking Bear said...

Mike, I know Chris who runs the Poet project. I think I can get himto ok it . What do you want to use it in? your book? Or just your blog. There is a link at the bottom of the post to the web site. It is also in the link list called webs making a difference o n my blog's right hand side. They are very cool guys, and there is some very deep poems on their site.

Anonymous said...

My book. Please ask. Thanks brother.

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