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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Ultimate Dream Killer

There are "things" out there in the big bad world that can destroy ones dreams! I call these things "Dream Killers." They are things like drugs, gangs, dropping out of school, alcohol abuse and so on. Most of us already know this, after all it has been pounded into our heads. But the biggest dream killer of all goes unnoticed and ignored.

Stanford University did a study to find out two things. One, how much of our true potential to we tap into in our lives. Two, what are the barriers to achieving our true full potential. What they found out was kinda of shocking, at least to me. We, people in general, only tap into or utilize 10% of our true potential. Wow, think about that for a minute. That means that we have 90% of our potential unused. As a child, I think we dream with our true potential. We have not had our beliefs overloaded by all the crap yet. We dreamed about all those cool and great things that heroes do. So what kills those dreams? What is the biggest dream killer of all? Believe it or not, the biggest dream killer of all is.........ourselves! The barriers that Stanford University discovered are, our very own beliefs. Beliefs that we have chosen or compromised on along the way. We give sanction to the negative comments of those around us. We began to believe that we were not able to become a heroes. We silently tell ourselves in our secret moments that we are losers, dumb, fat, weak, stupid and so on. We kill our own dreams! What would it take for us to go back to that childhood dream, a dream based on the "nothing is impossible."


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