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Friday, September 22, 2006

Weighed, measured, and found worthless!

Today's society has placed,adjusted and readjusted our system of values so many times it has become very confusing on what to value. Websters definition of values is:

something (as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable relative worth, utility, or importance

What do we value today? Or, more importantly, where do we get our measure of value today? If we go by statistical data on the time spent averages, I would have to say the media. Hummm....Ice berg dead ahead! When we base of value structures on a medium that is selling something or making money off of something, I think they just may have a biased motive. So what is being sold? A good time, substances that temporally add in that good time, and a needed look while your having a good time are all huge targets for this biased effort to get us to value. But when I weigh and measure my good time in the morning I am left with a zero balance, nada, worthless. I would compare this to trading my self worth and self image values for a temporary acceptance value. To me, that would be like trading my Jaguar, that I own, for a beat up old Datsun, for a nights use, because someone convinced me that the Datsun was worth more value. Today's media is great at convincing us that what we have is not worth as much as what they want us to buy. However, the media is not selling the gold nuggets of life are they? They are not selling unconditional love, self acceptance, loyalty, commitment, honor, integrity, and so on. In fact, we would be hard pressed to even find these values on any list of worth today! Why is this?

I think it is because we are so bored with life that we will sell out for anything that will help us, even temporally, beat back the boredom. We are fickle! We have bought into the mirage that material value will bring us intrinsic value. We are quick to trade principles and character qualities for objects of perceived success. Then we will follow "leaders" who hide the fact that they are hollow, empty or value void. I am amazed at how many gangsta rap artist there are that were never really in a gang. And these guys look like angels next to many of our "value based" politicians. I wont even go into church leadership. I think the bottom line is that we want and need to be or feel valued as a person. This need drives us to this madness. If you value that object, and I want you to value me, than I will obtain that object so you value me. But, as the fickleness marches on, guess what? That object I sold out for has no value anymore, ah oh! So, the dance of madness continues. Can someone please stop this music and lets dance to something else!

So what list of values should I set out to obtain or emulate into my life? My parents gave me a few. Don't lie, steal, cheat, work hard, are all on their list of valued principles. Wait a minute, I have seen these in a book somewhere. In fact, these are in a few books. Books that religions teach us. Maybe, if we were to actually be committed to our religions as much as we are to our televisions, this whole value void issue would clear up? Maybe, if our religions did not act like they were selling us something we would not change the channel. Maybe if our religions made us feel valued we wouldn't have to buy one of everything to feel valued by the proverbial Jone's. Or maybe, we should not look to man and building for our value. We should look only to our God and find that we are valued just the way he made us! I think then, and only then, will we find that when we weigh and measure ourselves in the morning, we will have true value!


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