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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who among us, has a warrior inside?"

As I explore the many different and sometimes dark avenues of humanities behaviors, I have stumbled onto one that has ancient roots. Did God embed a warrior mindset into us? From the beginning of time, humanity has valued and honored its strong. Even today we create settings to display one's prowess and ability to over come. Is God romancing the warrior inside?

Romantic stories of ancient warriors, gladiators, vikings, barbarians, and pirates all evoke an emotional response inside of us. Men and women alike all want to be strong in the face of adversity. We all have to some degree, a desire to be a hero, to over come some heinous insurmountable situation and stand proud! To be tested, measured and weighed victorious! Society values warriors and we all want to be valued. This desire runs very deep in humanitie's DNA gene pool. It beckons to us in our dreams, thoughts, and fantasies. Some of us have bought into the kinder gentler side of life and I believe this has created disequilibrium within our very souls; internal and constant conflict between the warrior-desire and the low self image that many fall asleep to every night. How do we awaken our warrior inside and grab hold of our predestined quest to stand tall and proud? The quest to conquer our evil villains, save the damsel in distress, and vanquish our internal fear of failure.

Organized religious movements have all but extinguished the internal warriors. I believe this taming effort was a strategic move by the evil that moves to and forth among us; pacify the warriors and conquer humanities desire to resist. But yet, the internal warriors stand restless and ready to form up and turn to the fight. The Bible is full of such warriors and their stories. God is searching for the warriors, calling to them too awaken, but they are held under a spell of passive mediocrity. A spell that tells the warrior you're not good enough, you're to ugly, you're to fat, you're to dumb to stand and fight for anything! Our internal warriors are like the damsel asleep, unaware of her hero's efforts to romance her back into life and love.

When you look at society today you can see this very battle unfolding right before your eyes. Street gangs flourish, reality television holds us in its grip, sports networks expand, and the world watches as explorers launch into the unknown. We value the strong, and we want to be the strong. If we can't be a participant then we settle for spectator ownership. We lay claim to teams and idealize heroes. We are as we were, back in time when gladiators crushed and pulverized flesh and bone in the great Colosseum of Rome. The internal warriors are secretly alive and bored. They are uncommitted, ill prepared, and left to die inside of us. God is romancing your warrior inside. The General believes in us. He is calling to us even in the darkest hours of humanity, the hours that lull our warrior to sleep!


Anonymous said...

This is it. Very well done and could be its own book. I wonder what our softer hearted wives would say to this?

Talking Bear said...

During some research efforts on warrior traits I ran across a blog by Mormon housewives. They had read some book on selective reproduction or something. Anyway their posts reflected the value of the warrior spirit in both men and women. Maybe I am wrong but I thought that mormon women were very soft heart women.

Talking Bear said...

My wife and daughter both loved it. My daughter stated that this post was my best, or her favorite, so far.

fatnlazy said...

As it is mine also!

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