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Monday, October 09, 2006

Influencing perspectives

This is a little "lesson" I received from a great supervisor from my real job. I liked it and decided to post it with a few small changes. I placed people where he had employees. Other than those changes it is the same.

If people live with criticism, they learn to blame others.

If people live with hostility, they learn to resist.

If people live with ridicule, they learn to avoid risk.

If people live with shame, they learn to underestimate their abilities.

If people live with tolerance, they learn to learn.

If people live with encouragement, they learn confidence.

If people live with praise, they learn to appreciate.

If people live with fairness, they learn accountability.

If people live with opportunity, they learn to have faith.

If people live with approval,they learn to like themselves.

If people live with acceptance and recognition, they learn to find themselves.

The question is, "what are you teaching?" Each and every one of us cast a shadow on something or someone. It is our responsibility to be aware of the influence that shadow creates. People develop perspectives based off of our shadows. Perspectives grow into perceptions, and perceptions into beliefs. I for one, do not want to be influencing negative beliefs intentionally or accidentally. Be aware of your shadow and the influence that it has on others.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome and a great point. thanks for sharing it Bear. Keep up the blog.

Talking Bear said...

Thank you Mr/Mrs Anonymous. Please keep posting responses so I have an idea of what my readers like and what is useful. ;)

Barrett, M said...

Well done Bear. I think we cast shadows farther than we realize. I wonder whose shadow I am walking in and if it casts the truth...

ar muir said...

not always easy to mind the shadow and it's influence on others...thanks for the encouraging reminder!

Talking Bear said...

Minding the shadow is only hard when you are focused on yourself! I hope you can learn to look at the shadow and not that which creates it ar muir.

fatnlazy said...

Very powerful and very true!!
The imagen of the shadow, to me can be both, very menacing and protecting.

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