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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Solution based prespectives

I do not play golf! In fact, I get bored real fast watching the sport. But, I have find something very useful to me from watching the behavior of golfers. When a golfer makes it to the green he/she does something very remarkable. The practice this concept that I call solution base perspective. The golfer will walk past the cup (hole) and look back towards his/her golf ball. The see the goal ( the cup) and they look at the course the ball should take to get there. What I love about this is that they take the time to look at the problem from the solutions perspective. This practice obviously reveals some new insight and I am sure it changes they way they would have initially hit the ball. So, lets take this concept into real world functionality.

Deadlines, mergers, projects, group facilitation and time management issues all can be effectively impacted by this concept. I am almost certain that this is not a new earth breaking concept, but it works. What, where, or how do you what something you are involved in to turn out. Picture that solution in your mind. Once you have a good foundation of how this should look, then turn towards your current position and start to work backwards. The labyrinth of choice and decisions that are to be made can be greatly reduced. This concept gives direction, and direction is huge in moving anything forward. If you have not tried this great management toll, give it a shot. Maybe you will save enough time to catch up on the back nine!


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