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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Achievement, what the hell is that?

"The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it." Epictetus

Achievement, can any of you define this word? More importantly, would any of the definitions mean the same thing? Most likely not! Unless, we are on some team fighting for the same goal, even then there will be slight variations to what the goal really is. We set out to define such words of meaning based on our own views and values. A man on wall street would see this word as meaning something completely different than a woman in Iraq.

So why then, do we continue to judge others based off of our interpretation of achievement? Why do we "look down" on the achievements of others that just do not measure up to ours? Why to do persecute ourselves when our achievements do not measure up to others whom we allow to judge us? Is this not absurd?

Why do we blame everyone or everything else for our choice to live a life with unrealized achievements and limited glory? That is the tendency when we are not happy with our situation, is it not? When another person does better at something when tend to tear them down. How dare they make me look bad? Well maybe they are not the problem. Maybe it is our own choices that prevent us from achieving what we want out of life!

If we set our own interpretation of achievement, than the meanings of words like glory and difficulty are just as ambiguous! So then, I submit that the difficulties in our lives are our own making. Or more importantly, The affects of those difficulties are ours to own by choice. If we tell ourselves that I can only achieve a certain level, and I believe myself, than I will never experience the glory found at another level. The term glory seeker has always seemed to have been a negative to me. But maybe it is a positive attribute that makes one seek greater difficulties in life. Maybe it contains the drive to push past the "I can't" barriers and discover a new realm of freedom. A freedom that embraces ownership. An ownership that shows us the probability of a dream realized. It is your choice. Define the meanings as you will. Just remember that your interpretation will define the limits to your success!


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