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Friday, November 24, 2006

The fabric of man

Have you ever thought about what makes you "tick?" What are your morals, principles, values and where did you get these extremely important foundational beliefs from? Can we really articulate the difference between these beliefs? We should be able to, they make up the core of who we are, dont they?

The dictionary says that morals are; Conforming to standards of what is right or just in behavior. That would leave me to believe that a moral is something acted upon, hence the behavior.

The definition of a principle is; The collectivity of moral or ethical standards or judgments. OK, so now we have a collective of morals that produce behavior.

The definition of a value is; A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. So this would bring us to a belief structure that produces behavior/s that are deemed worthwhile and desirable. So, what are yours? And more importantly, I think, is where did they come from? Does your foundational beliefs really direct you to a positive, worthwhile, or desirable behavior/s? I would wager that you, like me, have developed these beliefs based off of the level of acceptance you get when you act on them. If this is true, then the social crowd we hang with dictates these beliefs more than we do. So, who is leading this bandwagon of acceptance?

Historically, we can see that men and women who have stood their ground and faced the possibility of rejection became tremendous leaders. Taking a stand, reaching out with acceptance becomes tremendously powerful. But many of us have low self images and would never see our self in such a spot, not really if we were honest, I think. Therefore we set out on a quest to define or prove ourselves to ourselves. This quest has taken the form of adventure risk for many. We throw ourselves into an impossible mix of variables that come with some level of personal cost or risk and we begin our journey of self discovery. We define the threads that make up our internal fabric. But, do we ever take a moment to think about what we want that fabric to look like? Should we sew with threads of humility or arrogance, integrity or deceit, selflessness of selfishness, and so on.

Here lays much of our foolishness. We do not take the time to ask ourselves who we are and who do we want to be. We leave these to others to do it for us. We "guess" or surmise on how others will accept us and then we began to create a fabric. Many times we compromise our foundational beliefs, if we even know what they are, to create a life of remorse. Spend some time, by yourself, and define your foundational beliefs. Create how you want your fabric to look and start defining that character. Not the character that you think someone else wants you to be.


fatnlazy said...

The pattern of our life starts at birth. The first rows woven by the generations before us, from the pattern they had woven for them. Then our parents weave some and you are right about how we let others weave the next few lines, weather we like the pattern or not. Sadly for some, it is not until "older and wiser" sets in that we can see the pattern and undo some and start again in the right direction.
Not all out side patterns are bad.My friend R.D. comes to mind. ( He lost his pattern all together) He wove some very straight and beautiful patterns in my life,at a time when mine was unraveling. For that I am very grateful.

Talking Bear said...

FNL, yes you are right, others can and do weave positive rows in our lives. being aware of the positive rows helps us become that which we dream.

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