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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Henry David Thoreau

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."


Anonymous said...

What do you think this means...in your words...people afraid to be who they want to be; to rise up and make their dreams, their passions not just mere ideas, but truths, actions, reality?? We can be so fragile in how we see ourselves, we value so much the thoughts of those close to us, and a wrong word said the wrong way can be so hurtful, that sometimes we just want to stop trying...we feel let down, we feel that we've let our friends, our loved ones down...we remain quiet to ourselves, desperate to be something more, but afraid to try again

Talking Bear said...

I do not think I could have said it any better.....Thanks for your input...great job!!!

P.S. I think the "trick ic to raise above those comments and press forward. I know this is extremely hard sometimes, but why should we let someone else's struggle destroy ours? I think it is like saving a drowning swimmer. Many tend to drown the very person who is there to help them. They do not mean to cause harm to the one helping, but their struggle is such that it causes harm to others. Imagine both swimmers now trying to stay afloat in a moment of overwelming panic. one of them MUST stay strong and level headed, focused on the goal of preserving both lives....

Talking Bear said...

Anon, After thinking about your post some more, I thought I would add a bot more.

1. "that sometimes we just want to stop trying"... I think it is important to keep our goals in mind and why we persue them. Are your goals, dreams, passion YOURS, or someone eles's? Why would you give up, or stop trying to reach YOURS based on someone eles comments?

2. Feelings and emotions can be mis-leading. It is very important, I think, to really know the emotioon we are feeling. hurt-frustration-anger can seem to be the same thing sometimes. Why are you feeling that? This is a BIG issue for myself. I grew up with a father who always called me stupid and that I would not amount to anything. It used to really bug me. But when I stopped and thought about, it becoame a "so what." I am not living my life for my father!! I live for me!!! Have you read my post "The Fear Tree" Check it out....

Anonymous said...

The Fear Tree is a great article, I've read something like that before and have tried to apply the philosophy to my own thoughts, actions...no doubt I was overdue for a refresher...funny, sad how sometimes we can spiral either up or down if our feelings, thoughts get a hold of us and we are not in tune with the root of it.

One's dreams, goals, an interesting subject to focus on, because with the pace of life, responsibilities to one's family, and circumstances...they get forgotten, set aside, seem more trivial than to what's at hand...but to pick up one's dreams, restore ownership, and to set aside all else, is selfish, esp if one has a family...therefore, a meshing of the two, as possible needs to happen, I think...and clear communication to loved ones that they are not less important!

Thank you for your comments back, there is a steadiness and a fairness in your thoughts that I find appealing, compelling to want to listen to/read...from reading your other comments, I've noticed that you can be graceful in you're agreeing to disagree, as well...that shows courage and integrity! Will 'talk' with you again!

Talking Bear said...

Anon, you are right when you said "sad how sometimes we can spiral either up or down if our feelings, thoughts get a hold of us and we are not in tune with the root of it." This reacting to unknown roots can, and has, caused physiological reactions in the body. Take anxiety for instance, this fear, worry produce a long list of physical health concerns, which all started as a “feeling.” As I try to understand this whole feeling thing myself I picture a child who falls and gets an extremely small scratch on the leg or toe. The Childs cries and carries on like they lost a limb or something. As the child grows into an adult, this “major booboos” do not seem to be such the big deal anymore. Why? I think it is because they have been able to put things into perspective emotionally! They are not near as scared of the little scratch and therefore do not have the same panic mode jumping in.

Our emotions are very strong. If life is a lighthouse, than our feelings is the light! They are the very core of our life’s engine, driving us – powering us every step of this journey. I think the learning to take a blow emotionally and not quickly respond until we can see the reason such blow was thrown is a huge lesson we all should learn. Most often, we were just standing close to a loved one going through an unknown or un-realized struggle (the sinking swimmer). I believe that as was stated in an earlier comment, many people have abandoned their dream pursuit because of getting knocked down by others. Imagine the regret one would feel regarding giving up one’s dream when one found out that the event or events that caused such a reaction had really nothing to do with them. On the other hand, maybe one’s pursuit was compromising other commitments and they needed to be “called” on it, not to forfeit the dream, but to keep life in perspective. I know a couple where the wife decided to leave her family to pursue her dreams. This was devastating to the husband and 3 kids. Several years latter the husband was killed leaving the three kids with a mother who did not want them when they were young. This is a very real emotional disaster. Our commitments should be carefully weighed before we get into them, not when we decide they do not fit our dreams or pursuit of dreams. Our commitment should run in tandem with our dreams. I always dreamed about being a father and a husband. Therefore, my marriage (good or bad times) is an integral part of my dream pursuit. My dream does not include the ugly times in life, but I am mature enough now to know they are just as much part of the dream as everything I visualize in my dreams!

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