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Monday, November 20, 2006

How does adventure effect us?

There are several positive effects adventure has on one's self perceptions. Paradigm busting is a constant when one is engulfed in an adventure. The world becomes bigger and more obtainable in swift brush stroke. Exposure to the elements makes one extremely aware of just how big nature is. And the exposure to such forces brings one to the conclusion that "anywhere" is possible.

But I think the biggest paradigm to break is that of one's self definition. I remember climbing in Yosemite Valley a long time ago. (the picture is not of me, nor of the referred climb, it is of another dude having a paradigm shift I'm sure) I knew that I could not climb 5.11 routes. Why did I know this? Because I told myself this and I believed it. I was out climbing with some friends. We had roped up on a climb that I had no knowledge of, and they would not tell me about. It came to my turn and I struggled all the way up this small crack. I was having fun just climbing. When we were all done my friends told me that is was a 5.11. I did not believe them off course, because I can not climb 5.11. When they showed me the guide book I was shocked. I had a paradigm shift. I took this a step further and asked myself, what else in life have I falsely limited myself too. Now I was no regular 5.11 climber because I did this one route. But I learned that I could be. I never shied away from 5.11 routes based on the "I cant" belief again.

Adventure risk sports have taught me that exploring one's limits can, and is, healthy when done within safe limits. Pushing my own preset limits and learning that I have set these limits way below my abilities, has opened up many new horizons for me. Difficult does not mean impossible. Telling myself "I cant" leads to I wont! Sacred is apart of growing, and growing is sometimes painfully beneficial. Redefining who we are and what we can accomplish, weather it be out in the wild or in the boardroom is very liberating. Not trying is worse than not succeeding. These are just some of the tips of the ice bergs, so to speak, of why I pursue adventure!

1 Comment:

gogo said...

This is a great article on testing, stretching oneself...which is not always easy to do because the internal battle to 'stay safe', comfortable is so strong, plus if one has any strong 'doubt factors'. The ability to push oneself, and the importance of true friends to help each other on this path is so important!! I think this is part of finding the 'internal-peace'...
I might be back to expound later...esp if you comment, TBear

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