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Friday, November 03, 2006

Response time in .00001 seconds?

The diagram to the left is of a picture I call the wheel of knowledge. It represents all knowledge in the universe. It is here that we could make a overwhelming argument on the importance of education and experience. The color key explains the color variance of the pie slices. The light blue is that universal knowledge that we know we know. This is where most of us remain , feeling safe and comfortable. Risk takers appear to feel claustrophobic here and will force themselves out into the unknown. But, this post is not about that.

This post is about a space of time I call the choice base. This fraction of time is where we make our decisions based on our totality of universal knowledge which we have garnered through education and experience. We tend to rush through this choice base without any real cognitive effort once we are presented with stimulus. It is here where we tend to paint our portrait of self concept for the perspectives of others to judge us. This is where we can control not only our responses, but, how others perceive us and thus our own self-concept.

Once we encounter a stimulus our minds should rip through all of our cataloged knowledge and come to a response conclusion. However, we tend to unconsciously teach ourselves to only list the first few options of our choice base inventory. It takes a cognitive choice to SLOW DOWN our response time and carefully pick the best response given the situation. In our fast pass society we tend to rush into response and fail to utilize what little of the universal knowledge we have. Have you ever noticed that educated individuals tend to make better choices? Our that uneducated individuals tend to repeatedly commit to responses that did not work the first time? And it is here in this fast pace, dog eat dog, world that creates a need for this kind of understanding. How do I grow my universal knowledge base so that I may become what I dream about?

Gaining knowledge is the key. But it is a key that only works in the lock of application. This key will unlock a warehouse of choices. Choices that can ultimately produce the life we dreamed of having as children. There are many reasons why we do not build a bigger knowledge base. Many reasons are based in the emotion of fear. What is it about the unknown that generates so much paralyzing fear in so many. Why are we so in tune with the fear based emotions and the negative self concepts that steal our dreams from us? I would venture to say that it is because we limited our choice base down to such a small depth of options that we can not conceive of winning in the unknown arenas of life. One of the biggest areas of knowledge people do not know they don't know is that they have the ability to control or cognitively manipulate the filters that define our choice base. In simple terms, you have a choice to choose your destiny!


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