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Friday, November 24, 2006

The secret hidden in the struggle

The secret hidden in the struggle lays within our soul! What greater drive is there? What else could beckon us to leave the safety of the valley floor and pursue the grandeur of the mountain tops? Why do we push ourselves to the brink of destruction, only to do it again tomorrow? What are we in search of. Salvation? Salvation from what or who? What do we think is so valuable that we face tremendous fear, agonizing pain, and body trembling exhaustion to find or posses?

How is it that a chuck of rock, dirt, ice, snow can make a life changing impact on our self image? I think that the secret is in the struggle. Just as a forge creates the opportunity to change the shape of iron, the struggle creates the opportunity for change within us. But, opportunity for change does not mean change. This exposes a watershed of choice. I can choose to simply experience life and apply none of it to my soul, or I can choose to apply all of it! To me, that is the difference between life in two dimensional black and white and life in three dimensional technicolor.

If you are bored with life then you have not experienced life! Every inch of each struggle holds a gift. A gift that is meant to be given to some one else once discovered. Every moment I take a breath is a gift. Are we big enough or strong enough to treat every breath we take with the same excitement as a child when they get a gift at Christmas? Can we unwrap every moment, eager to see what is inside? If we can, then the struggle, no matter how tough the wrapper, becomes exhilarating. Lofty? I am sure it is. Because sometimes life does in fact suck. But what a way to try and live our lives. Embrace the struggle, suck the nectar out of every moment. Go to sleep with no regrets from that day. When we wake up the next morning we just might find our salvation!


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