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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Warrior Monks

To what allegiance are we granted peace? Or, is the pursuit of peace futile? Christ said he did not come to bring peace, I can see his point now. Is religion only to control us, or can we find within it a pathway to peace? What is true peace anyway? If we are to find peace within our religions, why then do we find, through out history and across the globe, that our religions have given birth to orders of warrior monks? Religious men sworn to oaths that have brought death and suffering to millions protecting what?

The Jewish & Christian Old Testament God was absolute! A single God, tested by many, who could and would deal out tremendous destruction of the wicked. The Christian New Testament God is much more user friendly. Why? Is not Jehovah the same, yesterday, today, and forever? Why do we have so many variants of the same basic faiths? Has man used religion to seize power and satisfy greed? Why are today's generations leaving the church by the thousands? Where we will find a pure pursuit of the faith and in turn discover some form of internal peace?

It would appear that every nation has one thing in common; some form of religious faith. Why are we (humanity) so consumed by a higher being if there is not one? Where does this global quest of mankind come from? It would be near impossible for me to come to the conclusion that faith is man made based solely on the vast diversity this quest is found. I believe that God is alive and well today, but his people are fragmented and mislead. Did the warrior monks kill people to hide secrets of deceit and misrepresentation?

Where does all of this leave us, the searchers, in this quest for true and pure faith? I do not know. I do however, think that we must start our quest from deep within our very souls. We must start asking ourselves some very hard questions. Find a mountain top, and as you gaze across the earth upon your feet, tell me that there is no God and that he did not make this thing we call life. Just maybe we should become warrior monks, if we dare, and first conquer the region we know as ourselves; our own greed, anger, selfishness, pride, and arrogance. We must conquer these things that we have allowed to build massive fortresses deep within us, preventing the truth from entering our small fortified kingdoms!


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