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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Chow time

The only thing that could make this picture more alluring is several feet of snow. Ahh, the simply life of wilderness adventure; no cell phone, no T.V., no e-mail, no ...well you get it. I love night movement; it's something I learned to like in the Marines and it stuck. Night movement is one of those things that just pushes folks way out of their comfort zone extremely fast. We are so conditioned to the sun going down and so do we, at least in the wild anyway. What I like about night movement is that either you know your stuff or your lost.

I carry a compass, GPS, and a map, but I do not like to use them. I like to use the stars and I memorize geographic features. Knowing the geographic way points and orientating myself off of them gives me a lot of freedom out in the wilderness, day or night. Using the basic skills that can not run out of battery power or break becomes a tremendous asset for me. It allows me to focus more on group dynamics. Today's equipment , although cool and all, limits one's prowess to the environment one is in. We should know our environment to the point that moving within it does not consume our mental and physical energies.

If we can learn to apply some of these navigation methods to our lives we just might discover the joy in life. I think, often times we become so consumed with where we are going , where we are at, or where we came from that we forget to enjoy our journey through the environment and to invest in the people we are with. Spending time with each other, what a concept. How often to we just grab a few lines and then we are off? Live gives us many way points to guide off of. We should already know where some trails lead. And if we do not like the campsite they lead us to than stay off of them. Some trails are very hard physically and some are very easy. we can choose which one we want to take. Yep, life is like a big adventure trip, full of discovery, ups and downs, twists and turns. I think most of us miss the adventure and just keep our minds on the dusty trail or the weight of our packs. We need to learn to look at the way points of life and commit them to memory least we find ourselves lost in an unfriendly environment with dead batteries.

Here's a map and compass, where do you want to go?


Big-Mac said...

TB- First, happy new year! Second, thank you! This has perhaps turned into one of the greatest blogs and resources in blogland. Also a big thank you for the link to my blog. Guess I should be more diligent about keeping it updated :(

I can relate to this post about being able to just enjoy life without trying to focus too much on the details. I had found over the years that I had moved in the direction of "details" and had lost the real reason for it. I am getting back to it however by God's grace. I was never in the military, but was an Eagle Scout :) Really though, being in the wilderness with just your instincts and what I learned from my dad (also my Scout Master) is truly gratifying. It feels great to get off that dusty trail and wack the weeds to forge your own way... Keep up the inspiring greatness you have going here.

Blessings in the new year,

Talking Bear said...

Wow, Happy New Year to you too. Thanks for the huge compliments. It feels good to know that the blog is making an impact. I honestly think that accomplishing Eagle Scout takes more than the title of Marine. I only got to First Class. It was scouting that introduced me to the wild, and gave me an edge in the Corps.

I was happy to see my blog linked on your page, thank you for that.

I think you are right about getting so focused on the details that we can lose sight of the purpose. I hope you leave more comments, they inspire me and I am sure some of the readers here at SBH.

Peace Brother...

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