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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The complexity of the Radical Rhapsody.

My friend Mike at (Adventurefaith) has posted an interesting article, short and sweet as it may, about the radical mumbo jumbo life not holding weight to things that matter in life. I think he has touched on a very important issue about why adventure risk and the radical life are valuable.

A child's dream may very well be to stay on the play ground and play, forever. Some folks just find a bigger, more dangerous playground to do just that. Playgrounds such as; cliffs, towers, raging rivers, airplanes, mountains and so on are sought to increase ones level of play. Playing IS NOT A RADICAL LIFE! If all we do with our life is go out and play, I think, we have wasted our life! If we never apply the lessons we learned about ourselves, or develop internal strengths to be applied else where in live, then why do it. I believe that there comes a point when we are called too, or we mature to the point of, a moment in time where we realize our responsibility of contribution to a greater effort. We come to a point where we need to bring to bear every life lesson, every bit of gained strength to accomplish something that is bigger than ourselves.

It takes a radical life to see this moment and grab on to it. Not run away, not cower, not act like we do not see it! Some would say " well I grabbed on to it and I am not radical." I would argue that you are radical and do not realize it. Adventure teaches us to keep going, try again, failure is not final, and to dig deep inside and push to the summit. Life is full of adventure, most of it has nothing to do with the outdoors. What we do with our adventure lessons is what I think matters. Someone could, and has, conducted a climb to earn money for a cause. For every vertical foot people would sponsor the climber " X" amount of money. A radical person knows no box. So out of the box solutions are really not that big of deal. Radical people can constantly find the "win-win" solution.

This mature thought process is not developed by simply playing! I think Mike could get a group of CEO's together, develop some sponsors and have a adventure decathlon to raise money for a noble cause. A radical mind can even turn someone else's play into a contribution. You only become truly radical when you cause positive change in another's life. And when we think we cant, lets rope up and learn some more about just how deep we can dig. Lets push ourselves to the point of exhaustion so we might save another! This is the song of a radical life!!


gogo said...

"I want to go to Heaven, I just dont want to show up with my job half done......"
".... we realize our responsibility of contribution to a greater effort."

Again, this is not new to me, but a wonderful reminder that we are called to something greater than ourselves. 'Play' is good; it allows the spirit to be refreshed, promotes a positive outlook, teaches us new things, allows us to enjoy the company of friends; but in of itself can be limiting and selfish. We need to take the 'play' and all the good that it brings out in ourselves, and apply outward...even in the smallest way, our efforts can improve someone's life. Thank you again for your insight and gentle reminder...'it's all there...go, try, do!!!'

Barrett, M said...

It is safe to say that most of us are numb to the highest form of adventure - which is God's plan for each of us. I think your point about "play" is interesting. It may be that we all need to start there, on the playground, and then God moves us off into the real world. The stakes are higher there - life and death.

Talking Bear said...

Mike, I think your are right on the money. What do you think about the idea that when we play it is only our life, but when we get to the real world we realize that it is now the lives of others?

Talking Bear said...

"It is safe to say that most of us are numb to the highest form of adventure - which is God's plan for each of us" I wonder if we are not so much numb to it, as we are just down right scared of it?

gogo said...

Perhaps it is the unknown, or perhaps it is because a high demand of sacrifice is perceived to be needed, and we fear the discomfort of it??? How do we balance helping others while keeping ourselves invigorated so that we can continue to help others??...and, what is the definition of 'helping' others??...must it be some grand thing??? or can we go about it in the simple, quiet things of life as well??

Either way, God loves a Tryer!
explanation (from adventurefaith comment):
'In Rugby, the 'touchdown' is called a Try....so, I love the saying...'God loves a tryer' because to me, that not only signifies 'trying', but also succeeding!! Either way, the key, I believe, is to stay moving, to keep trying in all that God has one doing. That way, it is easier for God to keep one on course...one can't be navigating, if you're moored at port. Have a great day!!'

gogo said...

"Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes real happiness. It is not obtained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose."
-Helen Keller

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