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Friday, December 15, 2006

The fire is burning the chaff.

I stumbled upon another Blog that I really like. It is called "What is your wood worth" . On this blog there are some post that stirred my thoughts. One of the issues that I started to think about was the issues of the modern Christian Church and the information age. One of the uncontested issues of today's Christian Church is the vast exodus from church's ranks, especially the younger generations. There are experts far more educated than I struggling with this issue. But, I am wondering if there is a correlation between this exodus and the exposure to vast information.

The world is much smaller today than it ever has been. I can log onto a site in Scotland and watch people in NYC via web cams. I can Google anything and get a variety of "hits" that may answer my questions. My perception of truth and reality has shifted from what I am told, to what I Google. How has this affected the younger generations perception of faith? No longer can an individual tell someone "this is just how it is" and get away with it. Reality, or a variation of it, is exposed to the world instantly. And once bombarded by so many variations, we began to seek the most truthful version of reality that fits our needs. Where does this leave traditional faith? Out of context sermons are exposed before the sun goes down on Sunday. We (All Faiths) must either do what we say we do, or die. We have once again entered into an age where the smallest deed becomes greater than the best intention! A Church may have great intentions, but if the people are, or remain, incapacitated to the doing, the church will not sustain the needed growth brought by younger generations.

Today's youth are screaming for the excitement found in the doing, the becoming. Yesterday's talking about faith has become mere chaff and today's information era is the fire that burns. Either we step up to plate and play hard, or snoopes.com will expose our fraud. It is time for us to touch the untouchable, to break bread with the outcast, to love the unlovable. It is time to live the very word we say we live by, or we should shut up, sit down and watch our chaff go up in smoke!!

Just some thoughts I had, what do you think?


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