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Monday, December 18, 2006

Nature deals another death card

“They were climbers that knew what they were doing. They were just pushing themselves to their farthest frontiers. That’s when people are at their best,” (Jim Whittaker-First American to summit Mt Everest in 1963, speaking about the recent Mt Hood tragedy) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16262193/

Yet another tragedy is currently playing out in Oregon. Three reported experienced climbers became over due and a search was started to find them. One climber had made a cell phone call from a snow cave high up on the mountain stating that the climbing team was in trouble.

Rescue teams found two snow caves just below the summit. One cave had some equipment and the other the body of one of the climbers. The other two climbers are still missing, but evidence of more possible tragedy has been discovered as searchers discovered what appears to be anchors and other equipment left high up on the mountain. Our prayers and hopes go out to the families and the remaining climbers.

As Mr. Whittaker said these men where no novice to the risk of adventure. Mother Nature deals the cards. And sometimes she deals the death card. We take our chances every time we venture into her domain. I should mention that more people are dealt the death card in our cities than on any mountain in the world, which to me, makes adventure risk safer than going to work. But when nature deals the death card it is big news! Once again I just want to say the my heart goes out to the real victims, the families left behind!


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