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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Penetrations of the soul.

What do swords, plows, and words have in common? When used appropriately, they penetrate hard surfaces and can create incredible change, both good or bad! Swords and knives cut through the armour a hard outer surface and penetrate into the vulnerability of life. A plow is used to break through the hard surface and expose the fertile under soil to be planted. The surface soil is usually to hard or to barren to sow seeds directly onto. Words can cut to the quick of the matter, penetrating the hard superficial surface of man's facades into the vulnerability of the soul. All three, were created by man to help in the quest of survival. Seen as valued and needed to ancient man, the three come from different endeavours. Words came about to communicate. Swords to defend and hunt. Plows to grow food. Mankind understands penetrating hard surfaces both real and imagined. But, like all things familiar, we have forgotten the potential hardships brought on by all three of these useful tools. No one really sword fights any more. Plows are bigger and less rigorous to operate. Words are thrown around carelessly.

I was on an leadership training adventure trip and the staff had the clients create a new language. We were given a ridiculously short period of time to do this. Our limited effort resulted in a weak and extremely difficult language. We were advised that we had to use this language for the rest of the day, it was early in the morning, so we soon realized that the day would suck! Words became so hard to figure out how to say that we just quit talking. It was easier to just do it by yourself then spend 30 minutes asking for someone to pass the koolaid. I learned to value words tremendously. But do we really think about our chosen words each time we use one? Do we consider just how much penetration into another's soul our words are going to make. I think that if we did, we would pick them very carefully. We would have a lot more pauses in our speech. A lot more hummms. No, we simple think it and say it, and when we see the impact we often silently cringe inside, excuse ourselves, and we are off and running to our next verbal disaster.

I know, I want my words, written and spoken, to have value and meaning. I want to turn that hard un-usable surface into fertile ground to sow seeds of value, truth, and growth. I want to touch the souls of man in a positive way. A way that creates tremendous change in my own life and the lives of those around me. I want to learn the art of shattering or penetrating the hard outer surface and tenderly touch the soul. Never cutting to deep, but knowing just how deep to run the plow blade. I think this is where it must start if we are going to change the world and how we see the world. Once again, just like in ancient times, a few must start to communicate in such a way that it spreads over the globe! Utopian? Maybe, but I think I can do it personally and the rest will be the choice of others!


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