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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Power of the Peak

Ever wonder what magical force surrounds a mountain peak? What is it that beckons to our inner soul when we gaze upon the grandeur of these sole sentinels? They stir both reverence and fear deep within. It is as if God is challenging us to draw near.

Ever experience the emotional exhilaration, the trophy of surviving the vertical battle, the noble humility of standing on the top of the world as you know it. Why does one climb these gigantic monoliths, these centurions of time? Why does one risk life and limb to stand for a moment in a cold and desolate place? What could that moment contain that would drive one to such extreme fatigue, risk such a perilous journey, and last a life time? In what secret inner place of one's soul does such a moment touch? How can a chunk of the earths surface, violently thrusted towards the heavens become such a valued prize, cherished till death? Yes, there is a magical force hidden up high. A force that is to be held but for a fleeting moment. A force that can change one's life for all eternity. This is why we risk! This is why we climb! To face God's challenge one step at a time. To become greater than we are. To surrender that which we were, to the guardian of time. We climb to become!

1 Comment:

gogo said...

"Yes, there is a magical force hidden up high. A force that is to be held but for a fleeting moment. A force that can change one's life for all eternity."

this is very deep; and though I sometimes would climb just for the fun of it, with very little thought, or for curiousity, to see what was on the other side.... I do agree that there can be a magical, mystical, feel-God at the top types of moments. Especially when there is a breathtaking view of His majesty in the surrounding panorama of nature!

I also understand the depth of the vertical battle...facing fears, facing your limits...and overcoming them; once in the Austrian Alps...I had a feeling of my foot starting to slip, and my fingers starting to tremble, and seemingly instantaneously being held quietly but firmly by the hand of an angel...because nothing else was there really holding me, only a warm feeling of grace and assurance; and a 1000 foot drop if I lost faith and gave way to fear...perhaps this is a little of what you are trying to share here!

thank you for sharing the depth of you thoughts and feelings, that some may be inspired!!

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