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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Power of Woman

When one looks back across the canvas of time one should be able to see the powerful impact on society that women have made. There are numerous women that history has recorded as changing the course of humanity. Today, women are fighting for something that they should never have to fight for; equality. Somewhere in time someone has sold women a bad pack of lies, or convinced men of a false sense of superiority. True , that for the most part, man is physically stronger. But that strength is usually used for what? Man's strength has, and is, used to provide for who? Woman!

In ancient times, the female was the revered gender used for deities. Women held so much esteem in ancient cultures that countries were destroyed, empires built, great adventures undertaken and tremendous risk endured for, and over, women. If humanity were void of the female influence, I think we (Man) would still be throwing sticks from caves wearing loin cloth. Women bring balance and civility to man.

I have joked to my friends about how they always need to get a "kitchen pass" from their wives. I have always called it a "chicken pass." Truth be told, and respect given where it is due, women are the center of a man's domain. My friends are right in respecting the wishes of their wives. I have a great wife, she has always allowed, or given, me the freedom to venture into the wilderness, to hang with the fellas, to do whatever I have wanted to do. She is a great friend, lover and wife. She controls the emotional tempo of our house hold. I endure, I risk, I push myself to provide the securities that are needed per her measure. I respect her and her influence on my life.

Today, I think we (men) risk loosing sight of the value our women hold. We tend to complain about the "ball and chain", or the restrictive nature some women impose, or the emotional roller coaster they take us on from time to time. We give sanction to the world's false voice and we learn to ignore our female counterparts and take a mentally superior stance. Man has always tried to control or posses that which has value or appears to bring one power, woman however, should be seen differently. We have allowed the disintegration of feminine value to continue to the point where women are forced to scream foul.

So, how should we view this ancient creature called woman? I am still trying to figure this question out myself. I do think that we need to realize the value and the important role women have in our lives. We should not feel threatened by their noble presences. We should respect every ounce or feminine power they offer to us. We should treat them as if God himself made them specially for us. Not as a thing to posses, but as a spiritual identity that brings balance, restoring us to the intended purpose God has for our lives. We need to develop a desire for the completeness only they bring. But, I am afraid this will take more wisdom than most of have. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I can and will only speak for my self. I do not want you (men) to try and figure us out. You cant, we are to intragetly made.
I want to be part of team. I want to be a partner, no matter what the battle is like. I want to hold you up, when you are tired, to feed you when you are hungry, watch over you while you sleep.
Take us for what we were meant to be, the part that completes you.
The missing piece to the puzzle of life.

Talking Bear said...

I think we (men) would like to be complete. I know it is a two street, both genders complete each other. I do however, think that the genders compete to much and should just enjoy each other as we were made to be.

Thanks for the post FNL.

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