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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spiritual Gladiators

Spiritual Gladiators, man that sounds bitchin. Fighting for one's faith. Warrior man standing up for his beliefs. Do not tread on my GOD or else! Millions have been killed over such foolishness. Mankind has a bad habit of becoming so committed to a just cause that he will ignorantly kill for it. "if we fail to know our history, we will be doomed to repeat it."

Have you ever pictured yourself standing face to face with another on a battlefield, looking into your opponents eyes as you drive your broad sword deep inside his body screaming "GOD is love" while you watch the life fade away as his body crumbles to the ground? Have we not learned from the mission fields of the crusades? I think not!

Why do we continually use, metaphorically,the terms that draw our minds to mental pictures of battlefield carnage? This ancient ritually of slaughtering the "other" side has proven only to produce generational hatred. Of course, we are more civilized these days. So we only draw word pictures to such gruesome practices, well at least part of the world refrains from these acts. Does the foolish man warrior wish this to come about? Do we really want to show how good our GOD is by killing or condemning others? I think I know a different God. A God who would, and is most likely very upset with this foolishness. Will we ever really grasp the power of his love; a love that strikes deeper than any sword? I think that we are just too mentally weak to grasp such a concept.

Our mental weakness will be the end of us. We just can not get past our smallness. We do everything and anything to appear bigger than we were ever meant to be. Puffing ourselves up and excusing our trespasses along the way. We hurt ourselves by rejecting our neighbor. We grow and nurture our hidden hate for others. But it is OK to spew contempt of others because they behave badly, after all we are not like them. Will we ever learn to love another's soul without destroying the person or condemning them to hell because they too, have sinned? I guess we would have stoned the "whore" when Jesus stated "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." (John 8-7- NAS). After all, we would not want Jesus to think that we would accept such behavior, right?



The Butcher Is Dead, Ain't That Just "Bitchin?"

Bitchin? Haven't heard that one
since the 1960's. How old are you?



Talking Bear said...
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Talking Bear said...

LOL, I am in my 40s

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