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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The truth about stupidity.

It is time to line up for a shot of truth serum! We really do stupid things and look for logic in them when there is none! There comes a time when we need to simply say "it is what it is." Make no excuse, blame no one, and tell the truth to ourselves, "we suck." Now, I am not promoting negative self perceptions, but sometimes we just suck and that is all there is to it.

In the church I grew up in there is a huge beam that cross the sanctuary. I have memorized the carving on this beam, not because I wanted to really know it, but because I was always so bored in church I would just stare at it and day dream. The carving simply said " Attempt great things for God, Expect great things from God." One summer I went to "church" camp. In my infinite stupidity, I was going to apply this philosophy to my daily adventures. A friend and I decide to climb a rock water fall and expect God to protect us. Did I know anything about climbing? of course not. Did I have any resemblance of protective equipment? of course not. After all I was going to attempt a great thing, or so I thought, and God was going to protect me. Yep, I was acting stupid! Lucking for me a camp counselor happened by and stopped our stupidity. Of course we tried to explain this act as some great act of faith, but the counselor was not buying it, and I am sure God was not either. Today I climb all kinds of things. But I do it with in reason and with a lot of risk assessment and management.

So what does it mean "attempt great things for God, and expect great things from God?" In my early 20's My wife and I sold everything we had a right to sell and traveled through ten countries. I use the term traveled somewhat loosely. We fumbled, stumbled and walked a lot. After all, I had no knowledge of any foreign culture before this trip. We did however, insure that our plane ticket home was purchased first. This adventure was decide on after much prayer and counsel was sought. This was an attempt at something great for God. My mind would often drift back to that summer in camp. I did not want to be known as the guy who attempted to be stupid for God. The great thing from God was to come through unique circumstances and continued in the years after the trip was complete and we were safe in American once again. In fact I am still grabbing onto some of the greatness God has given back. Somethings I learned are; God loves to work in situations where we are not in control, We have to be willing to allow God to work, and we need to realize that God is at work!

Now, out of control does not mean the moments we are in our stupidness! No, it refers to those situations in life that becomes bigger than us some how. This happens sometimes by accident and sometimes buy design. A friend of mine is always saying, do not worry about the how, it will take care of itself. We always worry about the how to the point we never give it a chance to become. I landed in a country I could not speak or read the language. I had no idea of the "how", as in how am I going to get from here to there, or how to buy food, or how to find a place to sleep. Set things in motion and let the how unfold as God wants it to, but use as much wisdom as you have. i am not going to jump into a shark tank with an open wound and expect God to figure out the how I am gong to get out in one piece.

Now, knowing that I was at a disadvantage, I allowed others to help me. I choose not to be the arrogant American I say "no thank you I got it myself." What I was shocked at is how many good people (perfect strangers) God brought into my life to help me. And when I say help. I mean took me home and feed me, gave me money even though I never asked for any, they sheltered me, feed me, and treated me like I was their family. Yep, we need to let God actually do what he says he will do. This brings me to me last point here. We need to be aware of the time when God is working. I realize there is no big neon sign that says " GOD HARD AT WORK." But when we are looking, we can see a lot more than when we are just living. And when we see His work, let's not do the manna thing. You know, the yea God the manna is good and all but I was hoping for some T-bone steak or something, I tired of the manna. You get what you get, don't throw a fit. I am not going to give anyone anything big until I know they are responsible with the small things I give them. And I think God works the same way!

If we are being stupid than we need to call it like it is. But when we smartly push ourselves into situations that we can not control by our selves we just might meet someone who lives in the big house.


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