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Monday, January 01, 2007

Being the Difference

In my moments of solitude, I often think about the internal factors that define us. Those things inside of us which create that nagging desire to improve our life experiences. I have yet to meet anyone who wants less out of life. It would seem to me however, that many people think that they can not create change in their life , nor anyone else's life. So, what does it really take to create change in our lives and the lives of others? What can a person do to become the deciding factor in tipping the scales toward positive change?

I often hear words like radical, deviant, freak, weird and malcontent to describe someone who is not going along with the normal flow of society. Does it seem to you, that our society tends to chastise individuals for being different? It would seem that being different is not the same as being the difference. I guess I am looking for the character recipe of those individuals who not only became different, but where their character became the difference. I am looking for those character elements that not only set someone aside from the norm, but, they tend to create a difference in the norm. History is full of people like this. We have millions of quotes that inspire us to such a life. But how do we get there? Or maybe I should ask, what is preventing us from creating such character traits in our lives? I have rambled on in past post about fear, beliefs, perceptions and other possible elements that could be found in that character recipe of being the difference, but the whole recipe seems to still elude me. It seems to me that there are some correlations between people of such character and words like, fortitude, grace, courage, integrity, humility, wisdom and perseverance. As I look around today's world, who is supposed to be teaching us such things? Where are we supposed to get these noble character elements?

When I think of these things I have this idea that it is like climbing an unclimbed mountain. I have no idea of how to get to the top yet, but I know one of us will find a way to the summit. I think the first step is that one of us just needs to start believing in the other. Belief is the rope that secures us together. Once we are roped up, I vote that we start climbing this mountain of character and push for the summit of becoming men and women who are committed to being the difference in this world. What do you think about all this?


gogo said...

Quotes are helpful in the sense of seeing the focus, wisdom, observations of another who has gone before us. The sometimes hard part is having the courage, discipline or discernment to apply this wisdom/teaching to our everyday life; not just seeing it as a bunch of nice words and moving on, forgetful of the teaching.

We all struggle with purpose or wanting to make some impact, some difference, I believe. We want to matter. We hope that somehow, we can, in some way, make an improvement; perhaps just in our immediate surroundings with our loved ones; or in a more bold sense, by impacting positively the lives of others, who are beyond the scope of family and friends.

I liked what you said here...
"I guess I am looking for the character recipe of those individuals who not only became different, but where their character became the difference."

I'm not sure of the answer with this...would love to discuss this further with you!

"Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds. I may be given credit for having blazed the trail, but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself."
-Alexander Graham Bell

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
-Thomas Alva Edison

Talking Bear said...

GoGo, thanks for the post. I think that many of the "great" discoveries were people just trying to make their "immediate surroundings" better. There are a ton of stories where some one did something based on a perception and it ended up changing a lot more than they ever thought of.

I guess the big issue is to just start making the effort to change the small things around us and the next thing we know, big change has occured.

I love the quotes, thanks again.

Barrett, M said...

This post rocks. I like how you rooted everything into the character. I was thinking the other day that the only thing we really bring with us and leave behind after we die is what came from our character. It is truly eternal itself.

Good post SBH

Talking Bear said...

Thank you Sir. Yes, I think so much comes from our character. The good news is that it is change-able.

P.S. How do you like the 07 version of SHB?

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