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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cognitive Behavior

Some folks think that cogitative behavior is some munbo jumbo, deep think process. I assure you that it is much simpler than all that. I am going to give you a little test here to allow you to see just how simple this whole cogitative process works. Don't blink, you will miss it. I am going to alter your future behavior by exposing you to some information.

There is a company that ships packages and such world wide. So this should work for all who venture here. The companies name is FedEx. FedEx spent a lot of money on this logo that we see just about everyday without giving it a second thought. This will change, you will look at every FedEx logo and look for something from here on out. OK here is the logo, which I am sure you have already looked at

OK, here is where we begin to change our cogitative thought process. Look at the bottom part of the space between the E and the x. In the "negative" space you should see an arrow pointing forward. This was designed into the logo to show which direction FedEx was moving; Forward. Now, when you see the FedEx logo you will see what I mean by looking at it different. It is compulsive to look for the arrow, as if it has some how moved or disappeared. As you become aware of new information, your perceptions change. That change often time affects behavior. Let me know how many times you notice the arrow now on FedEx trucks this next week.


Barrett, M said...

Man, that is an easier challenge than the one you gave me last week. by the way, I posted a response. Thanks for the excellent ideas SBH

Talking Bear said...

Yea, I thought I would simpilfy it. It did not seem that you actually executed the last one. Although what you did do sufficed to meet your intended result.


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