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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

For God so loved the world that He cast many away.

I have no problem admitting that when it comes to any argument dealing with biblical theology I am the first one to sit down, shut up and listen. I am no theologian. But I have some questions regarding this watershed issue that is alarmingly alive and increasingly dividing.

As in all arguments that I have seen or heard , I have one primary question. Are we absolutely sure that there are no other explanations to the problem? Is this a two sided, or two dimensional situation. Could there be a third or fourth dimension that can give a crystal clear solution to the argument that has not yet been discovered or realized? It's not like this has never occurred before, people fighting over an issue, than some new knowledge appears and we find out that both sides were correct in seeing only part of the whole. I think of the story I use about the three blind men that walk up to the elephant and are asked to describe what they feel. Each one has a different version of what they felt. Who is right? All three of them. So, are we sure that we have the whole picture. Like two cells existing separately, and when combined, both cells create a third cell that we have no knowledge of at this time?

I do know that the argument between Calvinism and Arminianism has/is creating a division among the church, and this IS bad. This division can been seen throughout the world, books, blogosphere; just surf around a bit and you can see the passion behind each camps side. But how can we be so confident that we have the whole picture on this? There are Biblical passages that present enough evidence to fuel each sides position. There is also Biblical passages that tell us that we know in part. Are we willing to destroy the church body over what we think we know in full? Should we not be more humble in our approach to these matters?

Is God so small that He only operates within our understanding of things? If God chooses (election/Calvinists) who he saves, when does this choice occur? If He is all knowing from beginning to end and knows how, or who, will be saved, does this not play into the mix of possibilities? If God asks us to gather the others unto Him (freewill/Arminian) can he not still choose who will be saved in the end? Can both of these coexist or be intertwined in such a way that eludes us at the moment?

Why do we always assume that we know so much about something, that we create either / or solutions? Why do we allow our fledgling intellect to create so much pride within us that we demand destructive alignments. The Bible tells us That God chooses who he wishes. The Bible also tells us to go and preach the good news. Just because we can not fathom the two working together does not mean that they don't in God's world. Twenty years ago we had no clue about DNA, today it is a house hold commonality. God's love may be different then the definition we have given it? Maybe He loves enough to destroy that which needs destroying?

To use the harvesting theme that is often used in the Bible, the harvest has to be gathered first. Then the chaff is sifted out and burned. The true harvested seeds are then but to use. Some harvest, some sift, but in the end, He is going to chose what is chaff and what is seed. These are just some of my questions on the matter. What do you think?


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