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Saturday, January 06, 2007

God don't care about your colors, just color it!

I came across a great post at Pyromaniacs called Bible and my decisions. I loved how the author used Adam's naming of the animals to color a picture of how God's will and our will can exist simultaneously. This "Pyro" post, coupled with an ongoing question, posted by Mike at Adventurefaith, about when pursuing action sports becomes SIN, has lead my down one of my long and dusty thought trails. The story of Adam and the animals has just become one of my favorite stories.

In Mike's post he asked a question about when pursuing something becomes SIN. The ongoing debate in the comments has brought up the issues, or struggles, with understanding the difference (if there really is one) between God's will and our own free will. Teampyro coined a phrase "free coloring with in the lines", which I love.

Adam was told to name the animals, we have all heard that story I am pretty sure. But what I never really looked at in that story was that Adam did it without the agonizing and constant asking God about each name, he just did it. God's will was to have a name for each critter, Adams will was the actual name of the critter. Maybe God really does not care about what shirt I wear, or if I eat sushi tonight. Maybe He just wants me to follow His standards and have a relationship with Him? Maybe the rest, IS, free coloring? I would love to get some of your thoughts on this.


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