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Sunday, January 28, 2007

How do we put it all into perspective?

If you have be a regular SBH reader, you will know that I am big on perceptions and perspectives. This is something that I spend many hours pondering about. I try to remain open minded enough to take the risk of seeing something from another's eyes. Anyway, without going into some long blah blah blah post about this, I thought I would give you a link to a video I liked a lot. This clip is not a happy one. But it will take you, in a few minutes, to the same emotional place I spend many hours contemplating. The link is (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ppAn0LNU_V8 ). It is subtitled, but that wont matter. When you are done viewing it, I would love to hear , or read, your comments about it.


Peajay said...

Truly excellent short film. That's a heavy 'emotional place' to be in though TB.

Talking Bear said...

I guess your right about that. What I think the film makers capture is how we as humans can; one, become so complacent about tragedy's path in our life, and two, how we can develop “happy” attitudes of normalcy in the midst of life’s worse kind of environments. The characters in this film represent so much; the boy getting water and fate, The family and the resemblance of security, The children playing soccer in the quad area and unawareness, The boy crossing the open field and foolishness, The water truck and missed opportunity, and so on. Then we have the other contrasting scene in Italy.

As far as the heavy emotional place, it maybe heavy, but it is extremely exciting, and incredibly revealing once you get past the weightiness of it all.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had to aim a M16 at a teenager, and been willing to kill him, that was aiming a sling shot at you? This sling shot could kill. This was common place, some to the kids always acted like this.

Ever had to tell starving people to get back so you are not mobbed and possibly hurt.

Ever had to travel through town, and have to do it with an armored convoy?

Just close you eyes and picture it in your neighborhood. Be glad it is not here, be horrified that it is anywhere.

I have seen it, so have others. I do not take for granted what I have and know that it can be fragile, be it a natural disaster, gang action, terrorist activity, etc.

I am angry that you recommended that I view this film and that I viewed it.

Talking Bear said...

Anon, I am not sure of your take on the video. It would seem as if you felt it was against the efforts of our military. I served myself and yes I have pointed a loaded weapon and many people over the years. This video was post here to get some folks to think about why we serve and wake them up from a place of complacency. It was to place a perspective on how in some place folks think they have a rough day getting their film developed when others are struggling to live. Make no mistake, every writer here at SBH values the cost and sacrifice made by our service men and women, our police, and our firemen. We do believe that just maybe your anger is misplaced.

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