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Thursday, January 04, 2007

SBH-Helping Bring Change

I received an e-mail today about SBH's effort to help the poor (see right side bar "Helping to bring change"). One of SBH's loans has been disbursed to an man in Azerbaijan ( which I picked from a list of folks looking for help). I should also just note that Kiva has a very good anti-terrorist policy, which was one of the issues I was concerned about when I checked into them. Here is the message I got:

Dear "Talking Bear" ,

This is an update on Cattle trade: Thank
you for your loan. It has been disbursed to Najaf Musayev by Normicro
(Norwegian Microcredit LLC) in Azerbaijan. We are excited to watch this
business grow. Over the next 12 - 16 months, Normicro (Norwegian
Microcredit LLC) will be collecting repayments from this entrepreneur and
posting progress updates on the Kiva website. Kiva very much appreciates your
responses online. You can read and respond to this journal online at:


Some of our partners choose to write their journal entries in the local language in
order to keep their overhead low. If this journal entry is in a foreign
language, please feel free to use an online translator such as Altavista's
Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com). Thanks!-- Kiva Staff

view your Kiva
loan portfolio go to:

Loans that change lives


I will keep SBH's readers up to date on the progress of this project. By checking out the ads in the Google AdSense banners, together we can fund more micro loans to help the poverty stricken. SBH will roll over all micro loans into new micro loans and hopefully perpetuate this idea into something that allows us to become the difference. (see my article "http://sleepybearhollow.blogspot.com/2007/01/being-difference.html")


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