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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I think we must have forgotten about the Devil

I have always found it amusing that when a group of individuals start to bicker about something they have forgotten about what opposes them. Nothing unites better then a common enemy. I think that many of us have been come complacent about our common enemy; the Devil. There are many warnings given to us about this horrendous foe. But, life is good and we are fat and happy, how can we remember that there is an evil lurking out there looking, waiting, and salivating to devour us. We are callous to the news of such victims to this fate. Well, they should have been ready for such a thing. I wonder if the night watchman is callous to such evil doings? I wonder how we would fare being exposed to the nights evil escapades? Would we feel safe enough to tear at each other in the morning? Would we be so concerned with theology if the night before we found a baby murder by it's parents? Or if we had to comfort a young rape victim. Evil is consuming us and we remain fat and happy. We bicker over issues that will not comfort the needy. We ignore the monsters in our proverbial closets. Have we forgotten who the enemy is? Have we become blinded to the destruction of his path? I think we have, what do yo think?


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