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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Madness, Mayhem, and Miracles.

For thousands of years people have been asking for miracles to happen in their lives. This request usually come amidst the madness and mayhem of life. Let me win the lotto, or heal this or that. Some say that miracles do not exist anymore. I beg to differ on this one. I think miracles happen everyday and we are just to busy or just to stubborn to see them. But every once in awhile something happens and we know inside that the outcome should have been different. We know that something happened that we did not deserve but we are very grateful for.

I have often wonder about the Israelites in the desert wondering around following the pillar of fire and eating the manna. How long did it actually take for them to become bored of their daily miracles? How could they forget that their food was appearing in some miraculous way? How could they become so calloused that they asked God for something different to be wowed over? The Israelites remind me of us today. We want the big show. We are bored with the little stuff. I wonder if God hears as " come larger or stay in heaven?" Anyway, I am thankful he ignores our stupidity once in awhile and shows us he is still alive and well in our lives. The following is three accounts of the wow, the big show, the miracles that many of us miss everyday.

I have a friend who would ride his motorcycle home from work every night. On this one night it was very cold, so he hunkered down behind his bikes small windshield and headed down the freeway. This helped keep him warmer but it also caused his vision of the road ahead to be limited. This was not a problem because at the speed his was going he had plenty of time to safely react to any vehicles he approached. Little did he know that a drunk driver thought he was in a parking lot and parked his pickup truck in the middle of the freeway and turned off his lights. My friend hit the back end of the truck at a normal rate of freeway speed (55-60 MPH). he had no time for brakes,and no time for swift maneuvering. Normally, the bike rider would slam into the back of the cab and that would be the end. But not this night. This night my friend was "somehow" lifted up and over the cab and sailed down the highway. He lived. Yea, he was busted up real bad, but the officers at the scene said " this was a miracle, you should have been killed."

I pulled up to a horrendous wreck that had just happened. I saw what used to be a Honda smashed into pieces. The front wheels, axle and all, were several hundred feet down the road. The Honda was complete destroyed. As I walked up to the car I prepared myself for the worst possible scene I could imagine. There was no way the occupants of this vehicle could be alive. I wish I had a picture to post for you. The carnage of this wreck was massive. The two young ladies in the car walked away with minor scraps and bruises. The vehicle collision occurred at a rate of speed in excess of 95 MPH. I realized that I was looking at a miracle.

I received this e-mail recently while I was at work:

I received a phone call last night that every parent fears. There has been an accident. My son was on his way home from work when the car he was a passenger in tried to take a corner to fast. He was doing 80 instead of 40. His skid marks were at least 120 feet long.they flew off the road into the ditch filled with water. When my friend (a LT on the force)called me to let me know what happened, he told me that they should have been dead. They missed a phone pole by 2 feet and the bridge base by 3 feet. Every nerve in my body was alive. I drove by the site this morning to see it for my self. I was shaking and in tears when I got back in the car. They should have died. The boy that was driving is my pastors son. My pastor called me this morning and said that he was sorry it happened and that the Holy spirit woke his wife Tracy up and told her to pray. The time was 10:15pm, the time when the boys were skidding out of control. All this to say,always kiss your loved ones goodbye and tell them that you love them. YOU never know what could happen. And to show the power of prayer and the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Of course I was sleeping at that time!! Learn to listen to that still small voice the Holy Spirit.

Maybe I have not painted a real good picture for you of just how much carnage these stories included. I don't know, maybe your right, miracles don't happen anymore. It is all about coincidence. But then again, I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in miracles no matter how small, we need everyone we are afforded. What do you believe in?


Peajay said...

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

I believe.

Talking Bear said...

I would agree with you and Mr. Hanh. Well said PJ.

Barrett, M said...

SBH, your stories are powerful. I read the one about me and it all came flooding back, the memories. It was/is a miracle that I am still alive and that I was lifted over the cab of that pickup truck. Your memory is perfect and the reminder is even better. Thanks brother.

Adventure Brother said...

I am thankful and excited everytime I see a rainbow or get to talk to my kids. I thank God everyday for another chance at life. I am very thankful for the miracles in my life called friends. People don't meet by coincidence.They are put together for a reason, maybe to help God create more miracles or bring them to light.

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