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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Power of Motion, part 2

There is a correlation between motion and risk. With little motion there is little risk and with big motion there is big risk. This dance of motion begins as children begin to explore their world. Little steps lead to bigger steps and the escalation of risk is born. The bigger the steps, the more the motion, the more the risk. This evolution of risk beckons us to experience the grandness of all life has to offer; to explore and experience, to risk and receive, to feel alive and embrace this dance of life. We were made to move.

As I watch mother nature's dance, I can see she has found her rhythm. The seasons chase each other again and again. The planets spin round and round. Life comes and goes time and time again. She stretches out her hand and pulls me into this dance. At first I am clumsy, then I slowly find my rhythm. I dance my dance of motion; up and down, day and night, hot and cold. Soon I reach my hand out and pull another into the dance. We were made to move.

As nature continues its ever moving dance of life, many seek out a false haven of safety. Still and quiet, they watch the world go by with its moving, risking, and dancing .What can be so strong to bring our dance of movement to a halt? What can be so strong to steal our movement of life? I wonder as I carefully watch the partners nature chooses; life and death, fear and love, sorrow and joy, they seem to dance so gracefully together. Who am I to stop this ebb and flow of nature's dance; this, give and take of heaven and earth? The song of life never stops, nor shall we. We were made to move.


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