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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Power of Pants

Tonight I realized that driving on a six lane freeway at mach 1, steering with your knees while you sip on a quad grenade latte, puffing on a Cohiba diplomat just enough to keep that nice big cherry lit, talking on a cell phone and trying to read billboards, all at the same time is difficult. It is challenges like this that makes southern California such a cool place to live. Anyway, As I was ripping down the freeway a huge billboard add caught my eye, well, really the gorgeous woman on it did. There was a five stories tall blond with a hot pink silk spaghetti strap dress standing next to a nerdy guy in a suit. The only words I had time to read were " Embrace your inner opposite." Now being from So-cal this could mean that the chick wanted to be a dude and the dude wanted to be a chick. Or, That the gorgeous woman was nerdy on the inside and the nerd was a stud on the inside. Take it how you will, I started to think about how cloth draped over our carcass often times creates, or greatly impacts, one's self-concept.

Now I usually would not have thought this much about the topic at hand, except for the fact, that I was driving home from a two hour session with inner city kids on self-concepts. So, as I processed this thought, I realized that when I wear different cloths I "feel" different and therefore act different. How can a pair of pants change my self-concept so much that it changes my behavior? I thought about all of the pairs of pants I wear and the correlating feelings that go along with such pants. Levis, Carharts, Patagonia, Dockers, Uniform pants, Suit pants, and so on, wow, when you think about it my behavior is partially dictated by my pants. Maybe, I am just a nut, I don't know for sure. But have you ever thought about the fact that we wear our self-concept out in the open so everyone can see how we see ourselves. When my clothes do not match my self-concept what do I do? I go change my clothes. If this is true then maybe we can start to see more clearly how people see themselves. I had these kids do this exercise where they write their current self-concept on a piece of paper, fold it in half, and write how they want to see themselves in the future. I started to notice a correlation of the self-concept of failure and a certain style of dress.

So, parents, are you aware of your child's self-concept? And, are you in touch with what gave them that self-concept? Why do some parents let their child leave the house wearing a negative self-concept? The "oh it is just fashion" does not cut it with me. YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD'S SELF-CONCEPT. Help mold it into a good image. Teach them about the power of the pants. Create in them a positive self-concept and help them dress for success.


Peajay said...

No lycra on your list of pants Talking Bear!! :D

Talking Bear said...

No, but I do have a pair that I used to climb in. They are not as scary as the hot pink with black poke-a-dots pair my old climbing partner wore. He, yes he was a outstanding climber, that is the only saving grace for his selection of colors. I think I have a photo of the two of us somewhere, I will have to find it and secretly share.

Peajay said...

This could be something to look forward to!! ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh no Sha! If you are going to share it, then share it! Are you afraid that we might not like your self concept? ;)

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