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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Progression of Pain

I was recently looking through one of my old journals and came across a sobering time from the past. As I sat there in my quite loneliness, I reflected on life's past, present, and future. One thing I love about journaling is that when we look back and read about difficult times that seemed to have no way out, we can see how God's hand somehow finds our path for us. Anyway, I thought I would share a small peek into the past. I had just arrived back into the United States from a 10 country "walk about." I received a phone call from my only brother, who was like a hero to me, that his young wife had died. As things came to light, we learned that she had a long and violent addiction to drugs, which in the end was the suspected cause of her death. Below, are two poems, one written by my brothers young daughter (Crystal) and one by me.

The rain is my tears,
The sun my anger
My pain progresses

The wind is my threats,
The fog my mourning
My pain progresses

The thunder is my cries,
The lighting my struggle
My pain progresses

She's gone!
My pain progress!!

Crystal 1989

My soul cries out for understanding
Stand here with me and tell me what you see

Tell me your feelings, I dare
Open your soul and share
you may shed a tear if you care
Tell me what you see

Some see the sun shining on the waves
Some see a cold dark place
Some see the struggle of life
Tell me what you see

Some see a majestic mountain
Some see a stormy peak
Some see the struggle of life
Tell what you see

Tell me what you see when you look through a child's eyes?
Tell me what you feel when you feel with a child's heart?
Who can bear the pain, only He who sends the rain
Tell me what you see; a bum, a drunk, a drug user,
Or someone who is laboring under great pain, running away in vain?
Tell me what you see

Talking Bear 1989


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