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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seeds to Saplings to Fruition.

How do we take an idea (seed) foster it and nurture it into a plan (sapling) follow through with it until implementation (fruition)?

I hear a lot of great ideas, but few become reality. I read a sign once that I loved. It said " The smallest deed is better then the greatest intention." I hear ideas like: "let's feed the starving", "Lets cloth the homeless", "let's save the lost" but then the reality of the idea brings silence. The idea dies with the idleness of the possible contributors. No one takes ownership of the idea. Hey at least we feel better about ourselves by talking through the concept. OK, let's go grab a double latte and talk about another one of those ideas.

So how do we bring an idea into fruition? I submit that it starts with movement, any movement. I think when we plan for things we do not plan for the reality of completion. I know several climbers that plan for the summit, but what about the down climb, that is part of the journey. We must first start the journey between idea to fruition by taking action, and once that action is taking, we need to take it all the way to the end no matter how fatigued we get. I have worked on numerous projects where the success of the project hinged on one person grabbing ownership and taking action. That one person was committed to the idea even if no one else came along to play. When you build a house, someone has to drive the first nail.

I also submit that we do not try and climb the mountain all at once. Climbers break a mountain up into pitches (rope lengths of 165 ft, normally) Each pitch is broken up by pro placement and resting places. A mountain is climbed on inch at a time. To big is death to ideas. We might not be able to get enough food to feed all of the starving, but I can feed the starving person next to me with what I do have. I can teach and grow that starving person to be able to help me feed two more starving persons. It starts to sound like one of the old V05 adds. Take the idea and break it up into "doable" stages.

Once you get to this point, I think it starts to become like a surfer at the top of a cresting wave, you're committed. Taking ideas and turning them into fruition is really not that hard is it. The hard part is that we really do not want to do most of these ideas we come up with. We want someone else to do them. We should say "someone else should feed the starving, I am to busy." If you really want to do these things, then do them. It is that simple.


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