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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Stages of Development-Another look

Mr. Woodworth has posted, on his blog "Whats your Wood Worth", an interesting article on a book he is finishing. He has linked his post to some other interesting work. I found myself quickly exposed to works like; Scott Peck's book, A different drum, James Fowler's book, Stages of development, Jean Piaget's The stages of cognitive development, as well as the book WoodWorth is commenting on, Kester Brewin's The Complex Christ, signs of Emergence in the urban church. I enjoyed this post and subsequent information because it exposed me to another view of the dynamic issues of cognitive behavior and today's post modern church's movement/direction.

The bridge that spans the chasm of misunderstanding between Christianity and psychology has historically been precariously crossed. It is this crossing that has always intrigued me. Understanding how God made us, I think, is extremely important to understanding what God made us for. We (humanity) are both different and the same. The perceived paradox between commonality and uniqueness is one of those things that makes my mind whirl with marvel and amazement. Anyway, Woodworth does a good job of surmising Brewin's new book that explores such things. Check it out, you might end up buying the book and giving it a read yourself, I think I am going to.


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