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Sunday, January 07, 2007

That sucks!

I recently inherited some valuable gems from my family. They were "uncut" and rough to say the least. I never really paid much attention to them in the past because I did not think my Father would give them to me. I did not realize their true value. Anyway, I was in a hurry to get one all cleaned up and polished . I did not take the time to learn anything about this process of taking something from rough to finish. I was hasty and immature for sure, now that I look back on what I did.

I guess you would think that if you had something of value, you would learn about it, nurture it, and try to refine it to the best of your ability. Not me! I just went the cheapest and quickest way I could. Guess what? I got screwed. My precious gift looks like crap and I have only myself to blame.

Here is the twist. My gift has nothing to do with diamonds or any other precious stone. My gift is ME. My life; the character traits and personality that I was given. I think it is odd that a rough cut stone holds more value to most of us than our own life. We should take steps to learn about the special gifts, traits, characteristics that we have. Nurture those gifts and treat them as a precious stones. Take the time to build substance to your life. The fast flash and fake facades will leave your gifts looking like crap.


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