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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Understanding the heart of the work.

I have become a lover of art. My transitional point on this matter came from learning the stories of different pieces of art. Facts that include, the materials used, the time period and what was happening in that period of time, and the journey of the artist up to the point of creating the piece of work, all play into the story of the art work itself. This information I had longed ignored and therefore never felt the heart of the work. I have also realized that each and every life is in fact a piece of art with a beating heart.

Here is where my point of view differs from many of my peers. I think that every life is valued by GOD and therefore used by God. I do not think God only uses "believers" to work on his greatest piece; the whole of mankind.

I had an epiphany in my Hebrew history college theology class. That epiphany was that God uses everyone and everything to bring about his will, regardless of which religious "club" they belong to. This place we call life is nothing less than God's master piece. This lesson was important for me because I began to develop a desire, a compassion, to learn about the stories of each and every piece of art work God has made. I began to realize that although I am unique there are many similar to me. Even though some may look different, they have the same heart as I do.

Everyone of us is a work of art. We are all part of a great art master piece. I feel it is wrong for me to reject any piece. In fact I want to get to know the heart of each and every piece of art God has made. But to do this, I have to be willing to learn the story behind each piece, and that each piece has its plcae in the story. I need to accept and understand the heart of the Master painter's work, even if the brush strokes a different from mine.

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Quiet Foot Prints said...

I like this thought process too. I will go out on a limb here because I do not normally like to discuss religous issues, and do not wish to overtly press my beliefs on others. I would rather take a secular approach and impress others by my actions, my beliefs guide my actions. If someone is interested in why I do what I do, they will ask about it, or follow my footsteps. Either way, everything is good.

It will not be like "Mr Holland's Opus" for me; there will be no large stone on my grave and most likely few folks will be a the funeral, but I believe that I have significantly and profoundly affected many lives. I feel well about that process in which I use.

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