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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Castle of Fuarchúis; a fortress of safety?

Do you live in the Castle of Fuarchúis? There is a perception that this fortress is a safe place to reside. Those of us who are tired, battered, and emotionally crushed may be tempted to move into this place of benign refuge. However, you will never find anyone who desires change living here. So why do people decide to move in to "Fuarchúis" and never come back out?

Fuarchúis is just another word for apathy. Apathetic people are all around us. They have given up on their ability to become agents of change. They wear suits, robes, jeans, and every other form of clothing you can think of. They do not believe that they can change anything, not themselves or anything around them. They have relinquished all control over to the "whatever" of life. Agents of change are no doubt beaten, stoned, crucified, belittled, mocked, and so on. So, who in their right mind would ever want to become an agent of change? Why take the risk of complete personal destruction to change something in your sphere of influence? Why not just move into the castle of apathy and live your life out?

I think it is the rewards of change that become the driving factors that keep one out of that castle. Once we have tasted a sip of fulfillment from the cup of change we become empowered and strengthened to do more. The truth is that each and everyone of us has inside us a portion of what I call "an agent of change." In fact, I believe that we cause change constantly without notice. But what kind of change are we causing; positive or negative? The question is will we take the risk to become that agent of conscious positive change? Do we believe enough in who we are to step up and become that which is needed to cause change in our world? I think most change is accomplished through the small things that we do. Awareness of the change we cause, either good or bad, is the first step we must take to become agents of positive change. However this awareness often brings sadness. Sadness caused by the realization that we are responsible for negative change in someone or something. It is a sadness that will drive us to become better agents of positive change.


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