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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dangerous Dogma Divorce; the willingness to see past the 3D mind set.

Why do we stayed married to our dogmas? This is a question I asked myself recently. Before I go on, let me define the term "dogma" so we are all on the same page. According to Dictionary.com a dogma is:

1. A system of principles or tenets, as of a church.
2. A specific tenet or doctrine authoritatively laid down, as by a church: the dogma of the Assumption.
3. Prescribed doctrine: political dogma.
4. A settled or established opinion, belief, or principle.

I seems to me that once we form, or establish, an opinion, belief, or principle we tend to stay married to it no matter what. How can we be so confident that there is no other information needed to build or change our dogmas? Is it possible that these perspectives could have been formed from limited knowledge or understanding to start with? Could we say, for example, that what was our truths yesterday are not truths today?

Once we marry a dogma, do we have to stay married to it? At what point do these beliefs and opinions become totally settled? I think that there comes a point when we should step back and reexamine our commitment to our dogmas. Imagine living our whole life believing something that in the end we discover that it was false or only partially true. If we are committed to a doctrine, then whose doctrine is it? How did it come about? I am starting to think that many of the prescribed doctrines that we base our entire belief structures on have been formed by men who had alternative motives.

More importantly, once we become committed to such things we find it extremely difficult to step away from. Why is this? Is it our stubbornness, our egos, insecurity, or just stupidity? Any ideas?


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