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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Echo of Life, the mouse and the Lion.

There is one line in the movie "Gladiator" that I love. Russel Crowe is motivating his troops right before the final Roman battle against the German hoard. He says "Remember, what you do in life echoes through eternity." When I get up to the high country, in among the granite monoliths, I love to yell and hear my echo. This habit is all most compelling to do and it is also contagious. But, when it comes to our lives we often tend to barely whisper when we have the opportunities to create an echo. I have done this more times than I care to admit. I find myself standing at the precept of opportunity and I whisper almost apologetically. How am I to create an echo of eternity?

I have come to believe that this mind set is the very obstacle that blocks our ability to create change. There are few factors that prevent our great echoes that compare to the limiting force of our own self concept of smallness. Inside of me, I become like a mouse who's loudest voice could only be heard if you were standing a few inches from me. I want to become like a lion, roaring from the mountain tops. But how do I get there?

To get "there" I must start with an internal journey that takes me deep inside. Back to my childhood is where I must go, and as many of you can relate, that is not a fun journey in any manner of light. Turning our mouse-ness into a lion's roaring echo will take us to a place of defining past feedback. Feedback that we bought into and made into a belief that we were not good enough to have our names in the history books. Feedback like, you are stupid, you will never amount to anything, you are ugly, you are fat, and so on. I am sure that if we all spend a moment thinking back, not only will these types of comments come rushing back in to our cognitive memory, the emotions connected to them will resurface as well. We re-live the hurt, anger, frustration, rejection, and pain that goes with such feedback. But we must re-define our self concept in these moments. We do have the power as adults to go back and reject those comments that have created the mouse within. This however, is only the first step of the journey to freeing ourselves to create our own life echo.

The next leg of the journey is to replace the mouse with the lion. We need to start thinking about the lion. We need to re-affirm our lion-ness everyday. Soon our lion thoughts will become our Lion words. Our words will become our belief, our belief will become our actions, and our actions will become our destiny. Our roar will become an echo that rumbles through eternity.


Peajay said...

What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. Is that not what should be important TB?

Talking Bear said...

Is not what we leave behind that which we lived?

Peajay said...

It depends whether your intention is to be deified, 'good enough to have your name in the history books' or merely to leave a trace of a live well lived.
"He who has done his best for his own time has lived for all times." Friedrich von Schiller

Talking Bear said...

Great quote, it captures the essences of what I am trying to say. The issue with many today is that 'doing our best' is just not done. Society has taught many to void their contribution and take all they can get. I think this is the opposite of what we should be focusing on as we live our lives well.

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