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Saturday, February 17, 2007

God and the teenage driver

Have you ever been in the passenger seat with a new teenage driver at the wheel? If you have, then you are familiar with the pure terror associated with the impending collision. You want to trust the new driver, but they just cant seem to steer and brake the way you would. I can remember taking a high speed driving course and having my instructor yelling various insightful words concerning my level of control of the vehicle. There is a precarious dance of trust and control when giving someone else control of the wheel. We expect that others will have the same perceptions and reactions as ourselves. When there is a difference in reactions we become uneasy and want to take control. When driving at high speeds, two trained and experienced individuals seating next to each other will have an interesting conversation that borders on humor and shear terror. To me, this experience is like living life with God.

Many of us often make comments about trusting God. But have we really surrendered control over to Him? Can we sit in the passenger seat and feel comfortable with His speed and steering? I think we feel better with God in the passenger seat. Just tell me where to turn and we can work it out. This is a huge problem. This is not how God wants us to live. I am learning to let God drive and subsequently, I have found that I experience more of this life. He has driven me past scenes of heartache and scenes of joy. I would had driven another way for sure. I would have accelerated past that which He slows down for and slowed for things that He speeds past. I would have chosen right turns when He has gone left. But somehow He has managed to get us to various destinations I thought impossible. He knows no short cuts, but yet makes the best use of time. I think His routes defy all common sense. But His routes always make the most sense when I look back at the journey we have taken.

Yes I struggle with wanting to jump in that drivers seat and take control. I sit in the passenger seat nervously sweating and screaming "stop, stop, stop" or " turn here" most of the time. But as long as I keep my butt in the passenger seat we manage to do just fine. Yep, living a life with God in control is much like riding with a new teenage driver.


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