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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Zippy" part 2

OK, so where was I? Oh yea, My partner was run out on a 5.9 pitch while "zippy" was moaning and groaning with fear on a 5.7 crack that was, by now, full of a vast assortment of climbing pro. My partner reaches the belay and makes quick work of getting me on belay. I work my way up to him with relative ease, not that I am a good climber, just that I was basically on a top rope and could take more risk without exposure to any real fall. I too passed by zippy's agonizing first pitch. As I reached a height equal to zippy I looked over and felt bad for the guy. I too, have been where he was. That place in life where we make deals with God. That place of sheer death and gnashing of teeth. That place where we say to God, "if You get me out of this I will........." Anyway, zippy's fear dealt us a blow. His fear had spooked us to the point that we were not going to try and tackle the 5.11c pitch. We raped of to another 5.7 and free climbed down it. I felt odd that we were down climbing, free, a route another group was climbing up roped. We said excuse us and went right past them.

The climb is not what I want to bring to your attention. What I want you to think about is how another person's fear can change your direction. Today, I wish we would have had the ability to keep climbing that route. As I think back on that day I realize that the fear of others has effected my own path as well as my own fears. We allowed Zippy to affect our performance even though he was not even really apart of our team. As I reflected on this event I asked myself how many times I have allowed someone else to negatively affect my own effort. As if my own fears are not enough, I realize that I have gave sanction to the fears of others and turned away from some great opportunities. Have you ever experienced such a thing in your life? What do you think we could do to prevent such a thing? I wonder if we would have stopped and struck up a conversation with zippy if we could have improved both groups climbing experience? But noooo, we had to be stoic and not say anything that could have comforted zippy. what would you have done to improve the days out come?


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