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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life on Sale

My wife loves to buy things on sale. So much so, that from time to time we get into "tifs" about it. I feel that our western culture is all about getting "it" quick and cheap. Is that really how we want our live to be spent? I surely do not want the granite block that will rest over my skull to say " his life was on sale and he got it quick." Are we so accustom to this fast and free lifestyle that we have forgotten about the valued gems of life that only come slowly and at a high cost? Have we completely bought into this I need it NOW and can I get it at a DISCOUNT? I would rather pay full price and have to order it. You may think I am crazy, but my Dad taught me this. The more I pay, the more I will take care of it. If I think it is cheap. I will treat it as cheap. How many relationships are handled this why. How many divorce attorneys advertise as quick and cheap? Wow, at that price I can afford a few starter wives. No thank you, I will pay the price and savor the time spent in the acquisition. The best things in life are worth the wait and twice the cost how ever high.


Peajay said...

'My wife loves to buy things on sale' You know that it's not like she wants to it's more that she has to! It's genetic, hereditary, inbred, she really has no choice but to obey the call of her Scottish forebears.
A Scotsman is getting married so he buys 6 yards of the family name’s tartan cloth. He takes it into a dressmaker and asks her to make him a kilt with underpants to match. When he collects the garments from the shop he is given 2 yards of material which is left over. He goes home and tries on the kilt and is so delighted with it he forgets to put on the underpants. Then he dashes over to his fiancée’s house and parades in front of her showing off the kilt. However he forgets he doesn’t have the underpants on and lifts up the front of the kilt and say’s “and what do you think of that”. His fiancée replies “That’ll do fine”. “And what’s more” he say’s “I’ve got another 2 yards of it back in the house”

Soaring Red Butterfly said...

I agree that there seems to be something lost in the way of saving up for and savoring the feeling of earning “it”… I think that some of the best advice I received and incorporated into my life is ‘If you are going to make a purchase for a want not a need then think about it for 24 hours and see how you feel then.’ This process can help to balance feelings of I have to have it now (immediate gratification). Even if it is on sale, believe me there will always be a sale…
Food for thought: On sale, or discounted means a lot to me because while I learned that “you get what you pay for.”; I also learned that quality is not always reflected in the price. I typically look for discounted items because my mother was a buyer for a major retail company and she told us that the mark-up for goods is generally 200% on the low end. With that in mind, I hesitate to pay full price for most things. On the other hand, I believe in investing in good quality merchandise as well as good quality relationships. Some things, I believe, you just can’t get, nor do I want, at clearance price because as someone once said ‘You’ll pay for it now or you’ll pay for it later.’ An example of how I was able to make discounts and clearance work in my favor follows: I paid a ‘pretty penny’ for an original work of art. I opted to purchase it unframed because I know that framing can be costly, adding much more to the price of the artwork. I then took it to a framer I have a long standing relationship with; who framed it for a fraction of what it would have cost me had I gone elsewhere. The artwork now hangs in a room that is furnished with several items I found at a furniture designer warehouse, in the clearance section. These items were priced at approximately ¼ of their original price. So, sale, clearance or discount does not necessarily mean “cheap”, nor does it mean that the value of “it” is diminished because the price was marked down.

Talking Bear said...

SRB, first of all let me say welcome to SBH. You have articulated very clearly what the post was attempting to draw out from the reader. The choice between compromise and contempalted actions. I loved how you also touched on how this issue plays out in our relationships. I hope you continue to stop by and share your insight with all of the readers here at SBH.

Talking Bear said...

SRB, you may find my post on "being the difference" an intresting read.

SRB said...

Thank you for your warm welcome. I am happy to know that I was able to add some richness to your conversation thread. I will read and respond to the posting you suggest. And I look forward to our exchange.

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