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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Call to cast

I love fishing with my children. Meg and I hit a favorite spot recently and had a blast. There are some places in life, that when you arrive, you become overwhelmed by some urge to engage the moment. The east side of North lake at 6 a.m. is one of those moments. As you clear the shrubs along the stream, the solitude of this lake slaps you in the face and says, "Today is a new day, grab hold and enjoy." You can not help the urge to drop your gear and immediately start to reap the hope held in that moment.

Giddy as a young school boy, a smile grows upon my face and all of my worries fall into the abyss of what once was. My heart rejoices in the new promises held in all of my tomorrows. It is this moment that makes life's struggles worth the spent energy and agonizing pain. These moments restore my soul and renew my dreams. It is a privilege to share just one of these moments in life with a child, yet I have shared many. No matter how tired I become, no matter how exhausted I get, I will rise to greet this moment every chance I get in this journey we call life.


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